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Anti-Grinch Steps In; Stolen Mustang Returned

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On: Fri, Dec 26, 2014 at 11:50AM | By: Gary P Garry

Anti-Grinch Steps In; Stolen Mustang Returned

When you have something stolen from you, before long you come to the understanding that you are never going to see the property again. You may report the theft to the police, and you may have some hope, but it starts to fade after a couple of weeks go by.

A little smidgen of optimism may still linger, but, eventually, you recognize a pipe dream for what it is.

When it comes to your car, if you have comprehensive insurance, you may not be left out in the cold. However, a lot of people who pay cash for used cars don't have theft insurance, and these folks are going to be completely out of luck.

That lack of comprehensive coverage becomes pretty likely when you are talking about a high school student who saves up enough money to buy his or her first used car. Young adults generally don't think conservatively, and every penny counts when you are working part-time for a low hourly wage.

When you are in that position you are probably going to pay for the basic required liability coverage and hope for the best. And after all, who is going to steal your modest used car?

(Now that the stage has been set...)

They say that magic happens during the holiday season, with all kind of elves and such roaming about, and a bit of that mojo made the holiday season for a California woman named Lynda Alsip. She scraped together $800 back in 1984 to buy her first car when she was still in high school. It was a 1967 Ford Mustang, and, if you ask me, that's a pretty cool first car.

Everything went well for a couple of years after the purchase, but she had that empty feeling one day in 1986. She went to get into her car, but the vehicle was missing. She filed a report with the police, and she waited, and she waited, and she waited some more, but the Mustang was never found.

That is... until now. The Anti-Grinch has stepped in, and the 1967 Mustang has been returned to Lynda Alsip, some 28 years after it originally went missing. A guy who acquired the car 1991 as a project had it in mothballs for years, but he tried to register it recently. The DMV recognized the Vehicle Identification Number, and the Mustang was returned to its rightful owner.

According to reports, it needs some work, but it should be relatively easy to get the car up and running. If you see a "LYNDA67" California personalized license plate on the road, that's the one, and you can feel free to give her a beep and a thumbs-up.

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EBean | 2:06PM (Mon, Feb 2, 2015)

A 1967 Mustang is a very cool first car. I'd love to have one now. It's Always heartwarming to read and or hear about good karma happening.

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