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Ford Reveals In-Depth Details On Upcoming SNYC 3 System

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On: Fri, Dec 12, 2014 at 11:30AM | By: Carl Malek

Ford Reveals In-Depth Details On Upcoming SNYC 3 System

In an announcement released earlier this week, Ford has shed new light on its upcoming SNYC 3 infotainment system which will replace the highly controversial and equally frustrating MyFordTouch system.

Ford engineers started quite literally from the ground up in constructing this new system; they have even ditched the current unit’s Microsoft Auto technology in favor of an all-QNX software suite that is supplied by Blackberry. Ford claims that QNX has helped solve many of the myriad of issues that have plagued the current system in both its first and second generation configurations. It even boasts faster inputs and overall performance as well as an easier to understand graphic interface, an all new smartphone-like touchscreen that should help customers when navigating the various options in the system.

Many of the recent changes were mainly inspired by an internal review of 22,000 comments from MyFordTouch owners, as well as more conventional marketing surveys and research clinics. A key change drivers will notice is that they will now be able to use several iPod-inspired finger actions when navigating the screen including pinch to zoom and swiping to access various menus and content. The voice recgonition system has also been revamped and now features fewer steps to perform a specific command while also allowing drivers to use a more conversational tone when placing phonecalls over the system.

Meanwhile, the home screen now features three distinct menus: Navigation, Audio, and Phone; all three menus use tile-style icons to allow users to quickly access their favorite features or apps. Ford’s Director of Human Interface, Parrish Hannah, claims that the new changes will be benifical as a whole, stating, "We considered all the modern smartphones and operating systems and ended up creating something that is familiar but also unqiue."

Look for the system to arrive in future Ford products sometime next year. The company has not revealed exactly which product will recieve the new system first, but our best guess is that it will most likely make its debut in either a future Lincoln product, or a revamped version of the Ford Taurus before eventually trickling down to other Ford products.

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