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2016 Tesla Model X: The First Electric SUV

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On: Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 2:45PM | By: Karen Cook

2016 Tesla Model X: The First Electric SUV

The world is slowly getting greener. We “reduce, reuse, and recycle” when we can and scientists all over the world are working to make all the things we deem necessary to our survival less damaging to our environment. Automobiles are a big place where we try to reduce our “footprint”, electric vehicles are very attractive, especially to younger buyers. Let’s face it, they need the earth longer than the older set.

So, you’ve put your bottles in the recycle bin, dumped your leftovers into the compost heap, loaded up your fully charged EV and now it’s time for that trip to the beach that you’ve been planning for weeks. But what about the boat? The trip just won’t be as much fun sitting in the sand. You want to feel the wind in your hair and the spray on your face. So, what do you do? Borrow your friend’s gas-guzzling, ozone depleting SUV?

Tesla is making it possible to have the best of both worlds. You can keep your conscience clean and be able to tow nearly everything you could possibly want. The 2016 Tesla Model X is the first electric SUV to be made available from the manufacturer with towing capabilities. The towing package is optional but it will be the first of its kind that is not an aftermarket afterthought.

According to a Tesla spokesperson, the “Model X will have a towing capability exceeding most SUVs in its class. With all-wheel-drive, incredible torque, and sophisticated traction control, it will be an excellent towing machine.”

The automaker is also working with the best rack makers in the industry to allow owners to take everything from extra luggage to skis and bikes on their road trips. The Model X has “Falcon Wing” doors which open upwards, making roof top racks out of the question. Tesla’s racks will be specially designed hitch-mounted racks. With seating for seven, the extra luggage room is sure to be welcome.

The only question Tesla has not answered thus far concerns the range the new model will have. The necessary power to transport seven possible passengers, luggage, and a boat or other tow-behind is definitely going to drain the battery. With charging stations still not as numerous as needed, are towing trips going to be necessarily short?

The company’s website states that there are two batteries available, either 60 or 80 kWh which gives a range per charge of 230 or 300 miles, respectively. That does not account for any added weight other than normal occupancy though. The vehicle is still in the testing phase and that information is coming in the near future presumably. The wind tunnel testing is completed and some early models are being sent for crash testing as well.

If you’re interested though, they are available for pre-order and should be shipped late in 2015. There have been numerous delays so far, so the release date could easily change.

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