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BMW Considers Production Increase To Meet High Demand

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On: Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 9:04AM | By: Carl Malek

BMW Considers Production Increase To Meet High Demand

Amid a surge of demand for its hyperefficent i8 supercar, BMW is considering a significant increase in production. The unexpected levels of demand have emerged following the car's launch to dealerships, and BMW wants to increase inventory to maintain the present level of momentum that the i8 has initiated among consumers.

When the car first debuted, BMW anticipated annual volume to be capped at several thosuand unit,s which is on par with many other supercar offerings. However, these projections have appeared to be woefully inaccurate and inadequate, overall demand has exceeded these cautious initial forcecasts. BMW's Sales and Marketing Chief Ian Robertson revealed just how unexpected the demand was in a statement to Automotive News Europe, "We need to find ways to incresae i8 production because the waiting lists in some markets are getting too long." Robertson also suggests that i8 buyers should not have to wait longer than six months for delivery, but with the current level of production in place, some of these wait times have ballooned to nearly 18 months, a lengthy wait even in the elite segment the i8 inhabits.

Meanwhile, the i8's smaller i-brand stablemate, the i3 city car, has also seen a surge in initial demand that has been higher than initial estimates. This is especially apparent in the United States where the i3's small size, as well as its blend of fuel efficency and spirited driving attributes, have helped it surpass the expectations of many dealerships to establish a commendable foothold.

For its part, BMW did promise some time ago that it was going to adjust overall production capacity after the model was launched beyond the European market, but so far buyers of the i3 worldwide still face wait times that can stretch as long as five months. While this is not as extreme as the 18-month drooling that i8 buyers have to endure, it could have a negative impact in the long run if potential i3 buyers become dissuaded by the delay and decide to spend their dollars on a competing EV model offering a shorter wait time.

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