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RSR Jaguar XKR GT Completes Its First Enduro

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On: Mon, May 24, 2010 at 11:21AM | By: John Welch

RSR Jaguar XKR GT Completes Its First Enduro

May 29th. That is the day we will get to view the Monterey Grand Prix. Which took place this last weekend. Blame insufferable television schedules for the delay in coverage. Instead of the race, CBS treated me too an informative (sic) infomercial involving a rotisserie and geriatric joint cream. By some cruel twist of physics Ronco has figured out how to provide the modern senior with an entire Lemon Pepper chicken (white meat only, of course) and pre-warmed Chondriotin-infusing skin cream . . . all on the same plate!! After an hour I was "oohh"ing and "awww"ing right along with the compensated studio audience. Apparently the joint medication doubles as a fine horseradish sauce! Ain't science grand?!

While this shameless advertisement was filling my head with notions of fully-cooked birds in under five minutes, there was a little race going on in Monterey. Maybe you couldn't care less what the results were. Maybe endurance racing isn't your thing. Maybe if I told you the results it wouldn't effect your day one way or the other. And that's fine.

There are some people who will avoid SPEED and ESPN all week because they would like to see the race before they know the results OF the race. I respect those people. Long ago, I was one of them. A tape-delayed race meant complete media shutdown for me, until the day network television got around to broadcasting the affair. I can no longer avoid the results of a race through total computer/television blackout. However, I still respect those who do. I won't ruin the race for you, Comrades, some other website can have the guilt.

I will report on a car that had little to do with the points battle, but whose presence in the ALMS is greatly appreciated. The RSR Jaguar was featured in the 'Shopper blog last year, and we have been anxiously following its development since. Unfortunately, that development has been slow and painful. Completing only a handful of laps in 2009, the Jag was all but absent fro this year's Sebring race. Out in the first quarter of Long Beach, it appeared that the eighth manufacturer in the ALMS GT class was going to be a memory by the middle of the season. These factors conspire to make a 13th (in class) finish seem like a serious victory. A victory for Rocket Sports Racing, for Jaguar, for the AMS, and for us fans.

RSR driver Marc Goossens was interviewed after the race. "The #75 JaguarRSR XKR GT had pretty good balance but we still seem to be struggling with finding overall grip," said Goossens. "Towards the end of the race, the track got better and our times were faster. I think it was good for us doing consistent runs and learning as much as we can about the car during this weekend. Unfortunately with the battery going early on we lost quite a few laps which took a bit of the challenge away. But it is good that it happened now so we can start looking into it and find the issues for Le Mans, and that is what we are doing this for."

Finishing 29th overall, 13th in GT class, the XKR GT would complete a total of 191 laps around the 2.238-mile Laguna Seca road course. By completing 70% of the class winners' race distance, the JaguarRSR team has earned its first points in the 2010 ALMS season. The GT class is getting seriously intense, and if the RSR team can get their green and black cat up to the front, the rest of the season should be dy-no-mite!

More on the actual Monterey Grand Prix after the race broadcast, May 29th.

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