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VIDEO: Epic Ferrari Fail

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On: Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 3:32PM | By: Teddy Field

VIDEO: Epic Ferrari Fail

In the right hands, a Ferrari can do amazing things. It reacts to your input much faster than a normal car, and that allows you to cover large tracts of land very quickly. They can also make you look like a complete idiot, if you allow your ego to take the wheel. Our tool of the day discovered this fact the hard way. And it is funny.

We all secretly love to watch other people embarrass themselves. Especially if the person is trying to show off. Ferrari owners are notoriously bad drivers, because they’re more interested in posing than actually learning their car’s capabilities. They want to elicit envy, and attract women that would otherwise be out of their league. But a Ferrari isn’t designed for showing off. It isn’t designed to get you laid. It’s a deadly instrument of speed that demands respect. Fail to give it, and it will gladly show the world how much of an idiot you are.

The Belgian poser in our video, was trying to show off by burning some rubber as he rounded a corner. When he dumped the clutch, the mid-mounted 3.4L V8 in his Ferrari 348 Spider sent 320hp to the rear wheels, causing him to skid into a wall. He was obviously trying to put on a show, and he didn’t disappoint.

Mr. Ego was driving a 1993-1994 Ferrari 348 Spider. This car was known for ‘twitchy’ handling, and required a delicate hand to keep it under control. This guy had fists of ham, and an exaggerated opinion of his driving skills. Fortunately for us, this prancing horse decided to display his idiocy in front of a camera


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