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World's Fastest Production Sedan: The 691hp Tesla Model S P85D

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On: Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 3:59PM | By: Teddy Field

World's Fastest Production Sedan: The 691hp Tesla Model S P85D

The all-electric Tesla Model S has actually made the idea of driving an American car cool again. This long-range luxury touring sedan has revolutionized the way we look at EVs. And now they’re going to change the way we look at performance. Say hello to the crazy-fast Tesla Model S P85D.

Since every high-end automaker uses letters to designate their performance models (M, RS, R, AMG, etc.), Tesla decided to badge their sportiest EVs with the letter ‘P’... for Performance (wonder how long it took ‘em to come up with that?). The standard Tesla Model S P85 comes with a 416hp electric motor, connected to an 85 kW battery mounted in the belly of the car. This car is capable of hitting 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds, and can cover around 265 miles with careful driving. But now they’ve added a new letter to their alphabet, and it changes everything.

The letter ‘D’ signifies dual electric motors. As in, one mounted to each axle. The standard Model S can be outfitted with this electrified AWD system, but power output is limited to just 376hp. When the letter D is applied to the Performance model, the Tesla alphabet suddenly spits out 691hp!

The front electric motor in the Tesla Model S P85D produces 221hp, while the rear motor pumps out 470hp. 678 ft-lb of torque is available from rest, and that allows this EV to hurl itself to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds! And that’s fast enough for Tesla to claim their new EV is the fastest production sedan in the world.

The Tesla Model S P85D also comes with a new Autopilot feature that can basically drive the car for you. The system uses radar, ultrasonic sensors, and cameras to give the computer a 360-degree view of the car’s surroundings. Using this data, the P85D can steer itself based on lane markings, adjust the speed according to speed limit signs, and stop itself if something gets in the way. This system is similar to Mercedes’ semi-autonomous ‘Intelligent Drive’ setup. But the Tesla version can be wirelessly upgraded with new features/capabilities, and their website even hints at a coming full-autonomous feature:“Imagine having your car check your calendar in the morning, calculate travel time to your first appointment based on real time traffic data, automatically open the garage door with Homelink, carefully back out of a tight garage, and pull up to your door ready for your commute.”.

So the 691hp Tesla Model S P85D is the fastest four-door in the world, and it can basically drive itself. Looks like American engineering is finally making a comeback.

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