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New Car Allure: Don't Resist It

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On: Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 9:19AM | By: Gary P Garry

New Car Allure: Don't Resist It

Usually, when you have regrets, you regret something that you did, not something that you didn't do. I have recently had the opposite experience.

Due to mistakes that I made when I was younger, I have become kind of conservative financially in some ways. My 2006 Nissan Sentra was paid for, and it had only 70,000 miles on it. It still looked pretty good, and it ran well. It had at least 100,000 miles left in it, so it would be foolish to buy a new car, right?

That's what I thought for quite a while. However, when you are driving around town you can't help but see new cars that catch your eye. I had inklings when I saw certain models, and I would sometimes poke around the Internet looking, but my conservative nature would invariably take hold.

The next day, I would still be driving the Sentra, secure in the knowledge that I was doing the right thing.

That was then, but this is now. A couple of weeks ago I caught Camaro fever. I have been attracted to the Camaro for about three or four years, because the look of the car was just indescribably delicious to me.

To cut to the chase, I took the plunge. I bought a 2014 Camaro with 7000 miles on it, and I think I got a real good deal.

People talk about buyer's remorse. I have remorse all right, but it centers around my inaction. In reality, I can comfortably afford the payment, and I was cheating myself. Getting behind the wheel is fun again. It feels kind of like it did when I was 17 years old and I had my first car, a 1970 Chevy Impala convertible.

Driving is not just transportation anymore, and it feels damn good. There's the new car smell (even though it's only semi-new), the satellite radio churning out quality sound, the coolness factor, and the raw power. Let's face it, Camaro versus Sentra when you want a burst of speed, really?

Life is relatively short, and you can live it or lose it. If there is something that you can do to enhance the fabric of your day-to-day existence, and it is within your reach, why resist it?

The Camaro was my thing, and it may or may not be your thing. However, you do have a thing, and you know you do. Right now your thing is a mouse click away. Do yourself a favor and make the move, because if you don't, you may regret it someday.


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