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Women...The Practical Car Buyers

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On: Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 1:31PM | By: Karen Cook

Women...The Practical Car Buyers

When automobiles first hit the market they were driven mostly by men. Women could drive too. There was nothing saying they couldn’t, but generally men piloted the new rage in transportation. All that has changed. Women drive to work, ferry the kids to school functions, do the shopping, and any number of other errands that men shirk if they can. They also have strong opinions on what they want in a vehicle.

According to various surveys done through the years, women prefer a car that handles well, a higher seat for better visibility, plenty of storage, and good fuel economy combined with overall low costs to run. Several automakers cater to this set of demands.

The Ford Focus has a high driving position and plenty of headroom with a roomy interior and lots of space in the trunk. Honda has produced two models popular with women. The Civic is dependable (who wants to be stuck on the side of the road with screaming toddlers?) and good on gas while maintaining a high resale value. The Fit is a subcompact that still offers plenty of interior room for passengers, is fuel efficient yet powerful, and can squeeze into tiny parking spaces.

Nissan’s Sentra is a sedan built on the practical model with a large backseat and good fuel economy. If that isn’t enough though, Subaru offers the Forester crossover for Mom’s with the responsibility of getting the soccer team and equipment to the field on time. It also provides excellent control in inclement weather even with squealing children in the back seat.

Not all women have children, however. That doesn’t make them any less practical. Mazda makes the Miata which is sexy and fun to drive while still maintaining a low cost to run. The trunk is small but big enough for what you need for a business trip or getaway weekend. If you’re thinking of children soon, the Mazda3 is perfect for a potentially growing family. If has five doors and a decent sized interior.

With more and more women making automobile choices on there own, it’s no surprise that automakers are finding ways to fulfill the needs of this segment of the population.

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