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Paint Your Car With A Brush?

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On: Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 1:54PM | By: Karen Cook

Paint Your Car With A Brush?

My poor little PT Cruiser has eczema. It’s pretty well advanced. His skin is just flaking off in spots. I’m embarrassed and I feel sorry for him. I’d like to get him painted, but not only is it expensive, but it’s also time consuming. You have to make and appointment and drop off your car. Then the paint guys are going to sand your car down, cover him with tape to protect the mirrors and such, and stick him in a paint booth to coat him thoroughly. This will be repeated a few times and the prior coat must dry before another can be applied.

My son introduced me to a company that gives everyday Joes the ability to paint their vehicles themselves, and it actually looks good. At least in the pictures. I have to state that I have not used this product to paint my vehicle nor have I physically seen one that was done. That being said…

The Alsa Corporation claims to have created a sort of cross between a vinyl car wrap and paint which can be applied to the vehicle with a spray gun, a paint roller, or even a paint brush. There is no need for a paint booth, gloves or masks because this product is non-toxic. It can be applied in your driveway with no repercussions.

Since it is brushed, sprayed or rolled on, no air bubbles are created as is likely with vinyl car wraps. It peels away just like a car wrap but much easier since there is no adhesive to fight with. It won’t, however, peel off in a car wash. And it’s quick. A car’s color can be completely changed in a matter of hours, not days. Mirrors and such do not need to be covered prior to painting. Once dried, the paint can be removed from mirrors, license plates, door handles, windows and even logos by carefully cutting and peeling off the necessary spots.

The “paint” comes in standard colors which can be mixed to create something unique, or you can get it with special effects blended in. It comes in gloss or matte and there is a special topcoat available that produces “super gloss”. It is sold in quarts, gallons, or spray cans. The site recommends two gallons for a small car, and threeto four gallons for a medium to large sedan. The spray cans are for touch-ups, if necessary. Prices start at $199 per gallon for basic colors. Special effects will run higher.

Check them out for yourself at www.alsacorp.com. If you decide to do it yourself, let us know how it went in the comments.



Danieltaylor | 1:34AM (Mon, Nov 17, 2014)

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WillD | 9:51AM (Sat, Feb 14, 2015)

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Exhaust filters installed in spray booths are used to remove the hazardous fumes and particles that can get into the air when using spray chemicals. As air passes through the filters, it purifies the harmful vapors from chemicals such as auto paint, powder coatings, and other protective coatings. All of these sprays contain noxious poisons that if inhaled or exposed to skin could have serious, long-term effects.

Removing substances like asbestos is also a dangerous endeavor. Once the material is disturbed, the harmful elements become airborne and may end up in the lungs of the person removing the substance as well as those around them. Using a portable booth with a HEPA filter will help to prevent inhalation of the substance while it cleans the air.

The single-most important reason why you should use a spray booth when handling hazardous chemicals is for safety safety for yourself, and safety for the people around you. Breathing in hazardous fumes can have a number of serious effects. They can cause neurological damage, lung damage, and in some cases skin damage. They can also prevent fires and explosions. Proper handling of hazardous materials can mean the difference between breathing easy or suffering long-term and possibly fatal illnesses.

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