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Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer

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On: Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 2:25PM | By: Karen Cook

Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer

Fourth of July is almost here and many of us will hit the road to visit relatives, go to the beach, or see fireworks displays. It should go without saying that if you’re taking a trip in the summer you should check fluid levels for your A/C and coolant, and check your tire pressure. Low tire pressure combined with a hot road is a flat just waiting to happen.

So now we are relatively certain to get where we want to go and surely we will enjoy our celebrations. The final problem of any summer excursion is how to cool down a car that has been baking all day in the summer sun. Here are a few suggestions to help get the stored heat out of your vehicle.

The easiest way to keep your car cool is to park in a garage or in the shade. If that isn’t possible, a sunshade for your front window is an inexpensive way to keep the heat out. They are available for the back and side windows as well.

Window tinting is helpful, too. Before you purchase tint though, you should be aware that 70% of the light must pass through it to be legal in the United States. Still, that 30% will help keep your car cooler.

If your vehicle is still smothering you, as is common here in Florida, there are some other tricks to use as well.

Keep a bottle of water in your car along with a small towel. Open your doors to get rid of some of the heat and wet the towel. Wipe the steering wheel, gear shifter, and seat belt buckles with the towel. It doesn’t matter if the water was hot to begin with. This process should make these things cool enough to touch without burning your hands.

After you enter the car, roll down the back windows, and turn your A/C fan on high. The A/C doesn’t have to be on, just the fan. Use the floor vents. This will push all the hot air up from the floor and out the back windows in a much shorter time than just turning on the air conditioning. After a few minutes roll up the windows, turn on the air, and move the vents back to the dash. You’ll be cool in no time.

These tips should at least help with the summer heat, but you’re on your own getting the sand out of your car. Have a safe and happy summer!


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