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Web Review: Porsche

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On: Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 10:47AM | By: John Welch

Web Review: Porsche

I like to pretend that I'm rich instead of just good looking. I like to pretend that I am able to wake up in the morning, dine on Eggs Benedict and lobster, then trot off to buy any new car my heart desires. In the process of feeding these irrational fantasies, I tend to peruse manufacturer websites, finding out exactly what ultra-expensive vehicles with what ultra-expensive options are available in my area. Most of these experiences are good; the car companies definitely drop a little cash on their websites. However, sometimes the site is clunky, or the interface doesn't provide an option I'd like, etc. This series of posts will leave no stone unturned in the name of finding the best, most informative, most complete Auto Manufacturer Websites. This week's subject: Porsche.

Porsche has just released a new version of the GT3 RS, and they are very very proud of it. I don't blame them; it's stunning. Upon opening Porsche's website you're greeted with their entire lineup, all dressed in some drab, sterile white-metallic color. Ho-Hum. On the left you have the option to choose your country of origin; mine, of course, is North America, and then USA.

Now the fun begins, as the site transfers to Porsche USA. The screen is dominated by the Porsche GT3 RS, looking ravishing in its tri-tone black on bright red on gray paint scheme. Click on the RS, you know you want to. You're taken to a page that is blasting dirty techno, and offering you two buttons: 'Truth' and 'Extreme Truth.' The Truth button leads you to spec sheets and writeups on design features. Extreme Truth takes you deep into some pretty impressive Flash Player magic. You are required to enter a driver name for yourself (with limited characters mine turned out to be "Cooter") then we get into the car porn. You're shown a video of a GT3 RS bombing around a race track. Every so often the action stops and you are given a "wallpaper" from the still footage. Kinda neat. I've provided some of these images below. The techno soundtrack interferes with glorious flat-six engine screech, but other than that a pretty flawless presentation.

For kicks I perused the 'Build Your Own' section of the site. A little clunky to get started but once you have all the necessary windows open it's a fairly smooth process. I selected a GT2, went for a greenish-black color, and set about choosing my options. Heh, this is an exercise in futility. Not only are there so many options it took me an hour to research them all, but they also tend to bloat the selling price a bit. My $194,000 GT2 ballooned to over $206,000 after I had kitted it up with what I felt to be essential toys. Mind you, I did not specify a NAV system, Blue Tooth, Surround Sound Bose Ghetto Blaster or any other audio option. I did, however, get every surface bathed in Alacantara, and also added body colored A/C vents. Frivolous, you say? This is my irresponsible fantasy and I will do as I damn well please.

All in all, Porsche has poured some serious man-hours into their online marketing, and I, for one, am thoroughly impressed!


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