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4 Modern Cars You Probably Don't Want People to See You Driving

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On: Wed, May 21, 2014 at 5:01PM | By: Elizabeth Puckett

4 Modern Cars You Probably Don't Want People to See You Driving

If you drove a Porsche, you would drive by everyone’s house you know. A new Stingray? Heck, yeah you’re revving the engine past every other driver on the road. Big lifted expensive pickup truck? Oh, yeah you’re hanging your arm out the window, always! And if you had a Viper, the roof would never be on, now would it? But this list has nothing to do with vehicles like that, because, let’s face it, we can’t all afford these vehicles—nor do they fit in everyone’s life (although, you’d find a way if you could). If you drive any of the cars on this list, you’ve probably considered selling it more than once.

Chevrolet SSR
Oh, the poor SSR. This vehicle just failed. This vehicle almost conjures sympathy when people are driving one down the road. Did the poor guy get stuck with it? Did he inherit it from his senile grandpa? They also tend to come in vibrant and bold colors, so good luck slinking away unnoticed. We all get it, you thought it was going to be an El Camino-type instant classic when you bought it, didn’t you? It’s okay, it happens.

Nissan Cube
This is a boxy and weird car, but not in a good way. While many box like cars are pretty cool—think Land Rover, Hummer, etc., the Cube isn’t one of them. It’s an awkward minivan SUV confusion fusion. This car is also very middle heavy and the car seems bus-like. Unless this car was gifted to you, we’d like to know what you saw in it.

Honda Crosstour
This chunky front ended lacks sense in design. Many people see this front end as a major design flaw. It’s extremely out of proportion and it just looks so unbalanced. However, it does have an extreme amount of headroom and comfortable seating, so maybe that’s why you took it off the lot.

It was hard to pinpoint one specific minivan to put on this list, so let’s just saw any minivan in it’s true form fits here. The minivan has so many cliches associated with it, we could make a whole May-long feature on it. Sure, it’s convenient, usually loaded with kid-friendly features, and most are packed with safety features, but once you buy a minivan, your cool car days are over.

Please note, this is a lighthearted list and I hope you got a laugh out of the stereotypes if you drive one of these models. What you choose to drive from point A to point B is a reflection of your individual taste, style, and driving needs. If it happens to be an “embarrassing car”, just let the wind flow through your hair and drive on with pride knowing you picked a car others were too chicken to try.

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