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OMG! What's That Noise?

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On: Fri, May 2, 2014 at 11:33AM | By: Karen Cook

OMG! What's That Noise?

We’ve all done it. It would actually make a great hidden camera television show. People come into a mechanic’s shop and try to reproduce the sound their vehicle is making. New words get created and grown men sound like little boys playing with toy cars. It’s kinda funny for those watching and kinda embarrassing for those attempting to make just the right sound. It must be frustrating for the mechanic. Well, suffer no more, 21st century car owners, because now there’s an app for that!

For just $1.99 you can download ClingClanger which will make noises for you and even tell you what might be causing them. It comes with a sound library, found at mycarmakesnoise.com and gives you the ability to narrow down the problem by choosing the location of the noise. Choices include “Under the Hood”, “Under the Car”, and “Outside the Car”. There’s also a place to “Submit a Sound” if you can’t find one to match. The app comes with disclaimers stating that it is not a substitute for “maintenance by a qualified mechanic” and that some sounds have “multiple systems capable of emitting them”. There’s also a warning against attempting to “match a sound while driving your vehicle”. It’s sad to know that such admonitions are necessary.

Eventually there will be sound recognition capabilities that will utilize the microphone on your device letting you record your vehicle and let the app match the sound to its library. When that function becomes available it will cost a little more to upgrade but what is a little peace of mind worth?

The library was made using the equivalent of a vehicle snuff film. A car was literally tortured to death to procure the necessary sounds. There must be sacrifices for the sake of progress, I suppose.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.


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