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The Top Selling Cars of All Time

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On: Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 3:20PM | By: Gary P Garry

The Top Selling Cars of All Time

Many different car models have come and gone over the years. Some have been successful for brief periods of time, some have been stalwarts for decades, and there are others that have been total flops.

Engineering successes are one thing, and many of the cars that have been successful from a sales standpoint have been well engineered. However, there have been some well-built cars that didn't last long, because consumers simply did not like something about them.

The objective is to win over the public and offer a motor vehicle that people want to own. If you can do this for even a few years, you have succeeded. However, there is another, loftier level of success. In this post we will look at the true standard of excellence from an automobile manufacturing standpoint.

Let's look at the evolution of the top-selling cars of all time.

Ford Model-T
For many years the highest selling car of all time was the Ford Model-T. This is the car that redefined auto making in the United States.

The Model-T made its debut for the 1908 model year. Prior to the introduction of the Model-T, cars were made by hand. Because of this, they were very expensive to build. As a result, the prices were out of reach for the ordinary working person.

Henry Ford decided to mass produce an affordable car on an assembly line. He wanted the people making the cars to be able to afford one. The formula was wildly successful. The car remained in production through the 1927 model year, and a total of around 16,500,000 units were manufactured.

Volkswagen Beetle
The Model-T was eventually overtaken by the Volkswagen Beetle. “The People's Car” was a vehicle intended to be affordable to the masses. Between 1938 and 2003, over 21,500,000 Volkswagen Beetles were produced.

Toyota Corolla
The Toyota Corolla waved bye-bye to the Beetle in terms of total sales in 1997, and it has never looked back. This vehicle was first introduced for the 1966 model year, and it is still very much in production. In July of 2013 the Toyota Corolla reached a historic landmark. That was the month when total sales reached 40 million units.

How It Stands Today
The Model-T held the crown until it was overtaken by the Beetle. The Corolla eventually bested the Beetle, and it remains on top, though the number two spot is now held by the Ford-F Series truck, with over 33 million units sold. The third-highest seller of all time as it stands today is the Volkswagen Golf; over 25 million of these vehicles have left the showrooms.

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