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Product Placement Alert! Captain America & the New Stingray

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On: Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 12:54PM | By: Elizabeth Puckett

Product Placement Alert! Captain America & the New Stingray

As a part the long-standing tradition of product placement in movies, Captain America: The Winter Soldier opened this weekend with a new star—the new Corvette Stingray. In the movie Scarlett Johansson’s character rocks this GM sports car, while a slew of other General Motors automobiles flood the screen throughout.

GM is back in the movies with one of their biggest product placement deals since since the bailout 2007 era. Their last major installment was in the Transformers franchise when a Camaro was the mechanical start of the films. The automaker heavily benefited from the mass exposure in those flicks. When the Camaro saved the planet with the help of a Solstice, Hummer H2, and GMC Topkick truck; GM vehicles became heroes. Ironically, some of these vehicles/brands were later snuffed by the government bailout.

By comparison to the Transformer flicks, placement of GM vehicles in Captain America was somewhat subtle. Although, when the Black Window (Johansson’s character) picks up Captain America (played by Chris Evans) in an all-black Stingray near the nation’s Capitol, the placement isn’t that subdued.

The two-time sexist woman alive, according to Esquire (and millions of red-blooded Americans), seems like the perfect driver for the seventh generation Corvette. GM wanted a creative and natural way to place the Stingray in the movie, so instead of putting Evan’s character in the passenger seat, it was the super sexy secret agent that got the keys.

Black Widow is a character that’s young, technologically savvy, and beautiful—you know, the exact crowd GM planned to capture with the C7. This character is exactly what the Stingray is about—high-tech, innovative, high-performance, and it’s all wrapped up in a beautiful package.

Movie goers will also notice a new Chevy Silverado in one scene. In another, the Falcon (Anthony Mackie) drives a new Chevy Impala sedan when pursued by a villain. Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson, even drives a practically indestructible Chevy Tahoe; the Tahoe even plows over a Dodge truck like a toy, really driving the point home about the Tahoe’s dominance.

Not all of the GM vehicles escaped without a scratch like Fury’s Tahoe; the Impala lost its roof from an attack. The underlying message there is that the car was damaged, but it did keep the drivers safe and allow them to escape.

Chevrolet will again get another round of big screen stardom when Transformers: Age of Extinction opens June 27th. Once again, expect the Camaro to be the showstopper and movie hero. It’s likely that we’ll get to see the new Z/28 in all its glory—which, for a car person like myself, makes the movie worth watching based on that alone.


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