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Who Needs a Mechanic? Do It Yourself Gone Bad!

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On: Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 2:08PM | By: Karen Cook

Who Needs a Mechanic? Do It Yourself Gone Bad!

Car repairs are expensive. None of us want to pay a mechanic for anything that isn't absolutely necessary. This is especially true these days when everything about owning a car seems to be on the rise, from gasoline to insurance. There are people out there who take this to extremes. Read on and enjoy the show, or maybe get a few ideas on do it yourself car repairs.

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JamesConnel | 6:19AM (Wed, Nov 18, 2015)

Now-a-days the car repairs are very expensive and the service dealers always wants to charge huge bill for just minor repairs.So,the car owners have a fear that if they will be taking their cars to the service dealers what amount will be charged by them??. The only fear within the car owners is High repair cost and not adequate service. But,there are some good service dealers who give adequate service with much bill relaxation i.e the car owner can save up to 25 maintenance cost. The expensive cars such as BMW,Mercedes,Audi,Porsche,Jaguar,Volvo etc have their specialist and all of us know repair for these cars are very high but such reputed service dealers are there who charge less and have mechanic of Audi specialist,BMW specialist,Porsche specialist Dallas,Volvo specialist etc.Also they give 10 discount on the entire bill to the new comers.


JamesConnel | 6:32AM (Wed, Nov 18, 2015)

sorry! in place of (25 maintenance cost),it will be (25 maintenance cost).

  • JamesConnel


JamesConnel | 6:33AM (Wed, Nov 18, 2015)

25 percent maintenance cost

  • JamesConnel


Harry Brown | 3:03AM (Thu, Dec 10, 2015)

People generally didn't take their defected cars to the mechanic because to avoid the huge service costs. But, if the mechanic didn't access the defected parts then it may be a future excess damage. The basic car maintenance program can be conducted by the car owner itself but the major defects will be only treated by the specialist mechanic only otherwise if they are tried by the car owner itself then it may give a bad fruitful in future that may lead to a nightmares for the car owner. So, the car owner must search for a reputed and experienced and certificated car detail shop ventura to get the adequate services and also they too give 20-30 less service cost than any other dealers. They too have highly technological equipment for the service of the defected cars.


Sam Henry | 8:03AM (Thu, Dec 17, 2015)

People who drive cars have a fear in their mind that of the costly repair. They think that why shall to get serviced from a service dealer, its better do it by self and these activities sometimes affect the owner's car and finally lead to a mass havoc for the car owners. The people who are maintaining expensive German cars always get serviced from a well trained and experienced German auto repair Dexter MI that perfectly and adequately gives services and some maintenance tips that to avoid such costly repairs. So, the car owners if your car has some miniature problem then check it up at a car service center or else it may lead to a huge problem in future. The service is reliable and the service is of Bosch service particulars.


catoratizz | 11:16AM (Tue, Apr 26, 2016)

One with a mirror is hilarious!!
servicing stop

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