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Ford Explorer Becomes Top Cop Car

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On: Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 10:38AM | By: Karen Cook

Ford Explorer Becomes Top Cop Car

Close your eyes a minute and picture a police officer in his vehicle. He can be sitting on the side of the road manning a speed trap or coming up behind you when you’re going a little too fast. What did you see? I’m betting you saw a generic Crown Victoria sedan with a middle-aged man behind the wheel. It’s time to get that image out of your head.

The new fleet of police vehicles, which are being phased in as the Crown Vics age out, will be the newly designed Ford Police Interceptors. They come in two styles. The normal sedan is based on the Taurus and the Explorer has been remodeled to be an all-wheel drive Police utility vehicle.

Ford sold 10,897 sedans last year which was up 31% from 2012. The SUVs sold even better at 14,086, a 140% increase over the previous year. At this point the utility vehicle accounts for almost 50% of new police car purchases. The attraction is obvious. The four-wheel drive, which is standard on most of these vehicles, is useful even in places where severely inclement whether is rare. The cargo space is more and more necessary as police officers need to provide basic medical care when they are the first ones on the scene. The EcoBoost engine makes the Explorer the fastest in its class, which comes in handy when a suspect tries to run.

But these aren’t vehicles off the showroom floor. They must perform special duties and must have special abilities. The front seats are fitted with metal plating inside which protects officers from being stabbed from the back seat by something that may have been missed during a pat-down. The rear doors also open an extra 10 degrees to make it easier to get someone in or out of the back seat with your hand on their head.

Other modifications include center console alterations to accommodate police utility belts and upgrades to computer software and compatibility.

Next time you glance in your mirror when you’re flying down the interstate at 15 miles over the posted speed limit, make sure the SUV on your tail doesn’t have flashing lights on its roof.

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