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New Survey Shows That Honda, Ford Surpass Toyota in Customer Loyalty

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On: Mon, May 17, 2010 at 11:30AM | By: Michael Jon Lazar

New Survey Shows That Honda, Ford Surpass Toyota in Customer Loyalty

The juggernaut carmaker Toyota has enjoyed high customer loyalty ratings for many years. Much like Rome and other empires of the past, Toyota's empire is finally being toppled by rival carmakers over rapidly declining customer loyalty. After several parts being recalled, spanning many different models the company makes, over this past year alone—combined with many other recalls that have been initiated on millions of their cars that are already on the road over the past decade—customers are waning, their confidence with the company is deteriorating, and some are waving goodbye to the recall-plagued carmaker in favor of other auto giants.

An article recently published on the popular online car news medium, Autonews.com, shows a major decline of customer loyalty with the Toyota brand this year. According to the article, “An April survey by the nonprofit publication showed that 57 percent of current Toyota owners would "most likely" buy another new vehicle from Toyota Motor Corp., down from 70 percent in a December survey.”

When thinking about such a steep decline in customer loyalty, it really is tantamount to the US President wiping tears of grief from his eyes as he watches the polls drop sharply on his overall approval rating. Even during his testimony to Congress about how the company is making strides and the most stringent of efforts to repair its image and service to its customers, the CEO of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, literally was teary-eyed.

No shocker there. Does anybody recall of the fraud litigation that occurred with regards to Mitsubishi and its warranty scams, as well as some other clandestine affairs, that were uncovered during an investigation a few years back?

Strikingly similar, in a sense. That being: how could so many parts be overlooked and not pass a strict quality assurance look-see?

And the CEO does appear to be remorseful, even if only having a few words to offer. In a late April interview with Japanese network NHK , Akio Toyoda stated simply, “I am deeply sorry.” Before departing quickly in a black Audi.

According to an article published by ABC News, the recall is pretty widespread. “The recall, which spread to Europe and China, is now estimated to involve at least nine million cars and trucks.”

That’s a lot of messed up Toyota vehicles that need repair. No wonder customers are getting frustrated.

So who tops the loyalty list currently? Well, Consumer Reports offers the answer, and rather vividly, at that.

According to their estimates, Consumer Reports said, “Honda Motor Co. was tops in owner loyalty in April, with 68 percent of its owners saying they would return to Honda, up from 67 percent five months earlier”

They stated that Ford, “Also has a higher percentage of customers who would return to the brand—61 percent in April versus 58 percent in December.”

Last but not least, let us not forget about good old Chevy’s!

According to the article and the Consumer Reports survey, “The Chevrolet brand, which accounted for almost two-thirds of General Motors Co.'s U.S. sales last year, fell to 49 percent in terms of customer loyalty from 57 percent in December.”

This begs to ask the question: Are you going to buy a new Toyota?

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