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You Won't Find This on GasBuddy

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On: Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 4:47PM | By: Karen Cook

You Won't Find This on GasBuddy

Americans get annoyed when they have to pay more for products than people in other countries. Take medicines, for example. The internet has made it possible for someone living in the US to get prescriptions filled in Canada where drug prices are much lower. Everything from pain relievers to birth control to contact lenses can be mail ordered and shipped in from foreign countries. We need a link to Venezuela. Their gases prices are roughly 5 cents a gallon. The shipping would hardly make a dent in the fuel cost savings. Sign me up!

The ridiculously low gas prices have been in place for about 20 years. The last time the government attempted to raise prices a riot followed and left 300 people dead. There have been no leaders willing to attempt such a thing again. Current President Nicolas Maduro will be in office until late in 2015 and hopes to put a plan into action that will gradually raise gas prices over three years. So far there has been no public outrage associated with the plan. The end of the increase will still have prices at around only $1 a gallon which is still wildly cheap. President Maduro hopes this will help offset the current budget deficit. Gasoline costs the government $12.5 billion a year at a nickel a gallon. In an effort to further lessen the sting, he has also promised that some of the money will be reinvested in homes and schools.

It must be noted that Venezuelans face 54% inflation and Maduro promises that raising the gas prices will not add to that burden. He also hopes that higher fuel costs will lead the country to purchase smaller and more fuel efficient cars. Most of the cars on the road are ancient gas hogs such as Dodge Chargers and Chevy Malibus. Apparently Venezuela is the graveyard for vehicles the rest of the world won’t drive. There is no concern for fuel efficiency with gas prices so low and, with consumption 40 percent higher in Venezuela than any other Latin country, there is obviously little concern for pollution.

Madura hopes that with the new laws in place his country will be spurred to get more in line with their global neighbors and that will result in a cleaner place for his constituents to live. Meanwhile, where is that website? I need to order some gas.


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