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Driver's Wish List

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On: Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 2:15PM | By: Karen Cook

Driver's Wish List

I’ve done a few articles on what to give other car enthusiast for Christmas but this one is my own wish list for me and other drivers. This is an open letter to Santa Claus, car manufacturers and people driving all those other cars on the road this time of year.

With all the currently technology that allows cars to drive themselves in varying degrees, it seems that we are overlooking some autonomous options that would make all our lives easier. I want a car that can’t get dirty, inside or out. Any garbage left in the car will simply disappear. The car can tell the difference between trash and “good stuff” of course. Dust, mud, and other yuck should not be able to cling to a car. Sorry car wash! We don’t need you anymore. I also want a car that repairs itself and pumps its own gas. I mean, Santa can do anything, right?

The perfect gift for all of us is common courtesy on the road, especially during the high traffic holiday season.

*Use your turn signal when changing lanes or turning.

*If someone is waiting for your parking space, vacate it as quickly as possible. Other cars are lining up behind.

*Stay off your phone! We can see you and we can see the hazard you are. Hang up or pull over.

*Holiday parties are fun! Live it up, by all means. Just don’t drive and spoil the joy for your family or someone else’s.

*We all know the party can’t start until you arrive. It’ll wait for you. Slow down and make sure you are the life of the party.

*Most of all keep in mind that EVERYONE on the road is doing the same thing you are. Think about how stressed out you are and remember that the guy in the car next to you is too. Be kind. Let someone into traffic. Forgive the driver who just had to make it through the yellow light that turned red before he actually got to it. Make adjustments for people who didn’t realize which side of the road the store was on and cut you off to get to it.

Holiday tension affects us all. With a little cooperation it can be a little jollier for everyone.


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