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Ford Is Not Idle on Green Technology

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On: Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 10:56AM | By: Karen Cook

Ford Is Not Idle on Green Technology

Ford has decided to be more aggressive in the reduction of emissions in its vehicles. The auto maker is developing more and better technology to help achieve this goal. The latest offering is called Auto Stop-Start and it has the ability to shut off your engine when you are standing at a stop light, rather than letting it idle. Your engine springs back to life when you release the brake. There’s no information on how effective this is for people like me. I tend to “creep” at stop lights, especially if the car in front of me eases forward. I am overwhelmed with the desire to follow suit.

Ford plans to have this technology on 70% of its vehicles by 2017 but you can find it in showrooms now on the 2013 Fusion and the 2014 Fiesta. On these models the Ecoboost technology reduced fuel consumption by 3.5% in mixed driving and 10% in the stop-and-go of city traffic. It is projected to be even more effective on larger engines.

The Ford company did a survey on what people were doing to save fuel. Only 41% said they were slowing down to save fuel. This technology would be of great benefit to the 59% who don’t want to take responsibility for their lead feet. Ford is also offering other fuel saving options which include dynamic cruise control (10% savings), 6-speed transmissions (4–6% savings), and electric assisted power steering (3-5% savings).

The Auto Stop-Start option will add $295 to the selling price initially but the savings in fuel would pay for itself quickly. Ford estimates that if only 50,000 consumers added this option it would save more than 14 million pounds of CO2 and nearly 1 million gallons of gasoline each year. This is all part of Ford’s prioritizing its focus on greener and more fuel efficient vehicles.


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