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24 Volt Ultimate Drifting Machine! [VIDEO]

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On: Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 3:10PM | By: Karen Cook

24 Volt Ultimate Drifting Machine! [VIDEO]

If you want to make your kids happy this Christmas, what needs to be under the tree? According to the 2013 Hot Toys List there must be an Xbox One, an Elmo doll, and a car. Not just any car though. This one is bright red, about as weighty as a lawnmower, is one wheelbarrow-wheel drive, and can drift “as seen on TV”.

It’s called the Razor Crazy Cart and is the life work of 34-year-old Ali Kermani. He came up with the idea eight years ago when he was an employee of Razor. He loved this idea and pushed it at every meeting, but Razor didn’t bite. He left the company to try to find a home for the Crazy Cart, but was as unsuccessful everywhere else. Finally after several years of business school and with a prototype produced by a couple of engineering friends, Ali returned to Razor and asked to buy the rights to his idea which they still retained. Razor sold them back for $1, believing them to be worthless. In 2011 Ali took his prototype to the Toy Industry Association’s annual Toy Fair. Razor was now interested and hired him back. He eventually pitched the idea to Toys R Us and the Crazy Cart was on its way. Since it went on sale in July of 2012, 50 units have been sold each day.

What can you expect if Santa brings one for your kids? Well, its top speed is 15 mph with the power coming from a 24 volt battery which takes eight hours to charge and provides about an hour and a half of drifting fun. If that’s not enough for you (I mean your kids) you can wire in another battery to boost it up to 36 volts. This vehicle has no brakes, other than a hand brake, and the only way to stop is to turn the steering wheel 180 degrees and pull up on the hand brake, which will cause you to spin in circles. Once the momentum is gone the car will stop… eventually. The current model is for children (grown or otherwise) up to 140 pounds but larger “children” need have no fear. Next year an “adult” model will be on the market which can carry a 240-pound, 6-foot kid and will have a 36 volt battery standard. Its top speed will be 20 mph.

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