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Survey; A List Of Most Embarrassing Cars

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On: Sat, Nov 23, 2013 at 9:39AM | By: Karen Cook

Survey; A List Of Most Embarrassing Cars

If you are anything like me, and millions of other people, your first car probably wasn’t pretty to look at. When you buy your first car you need something that runs and will get you where you’re going. What you’re really buying is a trade-in on a future vehicle that you actually want to drive. The paint may be spotted, the seats may be worn, and I even had one that was missing the headliner. You know you don’t look “cool” in this car, but it’s just what you drive until you can afford a “real” car.

In a recent survey by CarInsurance.com it was discovered that even some new cars are on the list of shame. There are brand new vehicles that people just don’t want to be seen driving. Here are the “winners” of the most embarrassing cars on the market.

• The Honda Element was considered “goofy” which is not surprising considering the plastic detailing all over the outside. The Element was discontinued in 2011.

• The Chrysler PT Cruiser also made the list. I drive one and I am in love with my car. I’ve never been embarrassed to drive it. Those surveyed took issue with its “retro design” but that’s what I like about it. Oddly Chrysler sold more than a million of these before they stopped making them in 2010.

• Due to its being viewed as a “senior citizen car” the Lincoln Town Car also inspired shame. It was also considered the “most comfortable” vehicle until it was discontinued in 2011.

• Can’t make a decision between a car and a pick-up truck? The Subaru Baja is for you. It’s a little of both. But you should know that people will point and laugh, according to the survey.

• The Volkswagen New Beetle scored high on list of embarrassments, especially with men who thought it was too “feminine”. Volkswagen has since redesigned the style with a view to appealing to more men.

• Women didn’t like the Hummer H2. Its blatant disregard for the environment and obvious masculine design made women feel like it was compensating for other qualities it lacked.

• The Nissan Cube is basically a box on wheels, just as the name suggests. Interestingly the older you are the less likely you are to think it would be embarrassing to drive one. Unfortunately Nissan marketed this vehicle to younger drivers.

And the Most Embarrassing Car To Drive Is… (drum roll, please)

♦ The Smart fortwo! Ok, so this was no surprise. The survey said this tiny car looked like the driver “couldn’t afford a full-size car” and also labeled it “dorky” and “ugly”. You have to admit it looks like a dozen clowns should be getting out of it.

So when you see these cars on the road, give the drivers a break. Maybe it’s their first car.

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