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Leno turns down Top Gear, then rips them off

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On: Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 11:24AM | By: John Welch

Leno turns down Top Gear, then rips them off

Jay Leno just won't go away. Not only does he go and steal Conan's thunder by preempting the Tonight Show with his own 'semi-late night' program, now he is blatantly stealing bits. I shouldn't care, I wouldn't care but the program he is stealing from is Top Gear. Grrr. As it turns out, Jay was offered the hosting job for the American version of Top Gear. He turned it down, was replaced with Adam Corolla, and we still have no domestic automotive programing worth watching. My DVR's fast-forward button gets a serious workout trying to watch Motorweek. Sheesh, and don't get me started on the ultra-hokey, extremely antiquated Power Block on Spike TV—four hours of commercials and body work just don't do it for me. Sorry.


Apparently Jay is planning some sort of segment where a celebrity is placed in an electric sports car, then made to compete against other celeb's for top lap time. Sounds eerily familiar, if I'm not mistaken Jay participated in just this sort of contest recently, albeit sans electrified transport. Shameful. The real crime here is allowing Top Gear America to flounder. Leno's star power would have surely gotten the show on the air, regardless of what focus groups thought. Instead, he'd rather do "Tonight Show-Lite" and include some poorly planned plagiarism. Sweet. I will give Leno one compliment, his reasoning for not doing the show is pretty sound . . .


Source: The L.A. Times

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