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New Diesel Rivals Electric

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On: Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 1:32PM | By: Karen Cook

New Diesel Rivals Electric

There is a global awareness of the need to reduce pollution. One issue is automobile emissions. It has been in the news for decades and the United States has taken the electric path in answer. Overseas the response has leaned more toward diesel cars. The US government has put emission standards in place that run through the year 2025 which make diesel cars almost impossible to produce here. Also, diesels are not popular due to the price of fuel.

Volkswagen and Audi do a booming diesel business overseas and would like to be able to sell to the American public. They face two problems. The first is the aforementioned emissions laws, which the government refuses to revisit at this time. The second is a preconception that Americans have about diesel-run vehicles. Back in the 70s both diesel and regular gasoline vehicles were on the market. Unfortunately the noise and smell caused by the diesel engines kept sales low. Eventually, due to lack of interest and ever stricter laws, they were pretty much discontinued in the States.

Almost half a century of technological advancement later, diesel engines are as quiet and as clean as electric engines. In order to prove that there is a market for these machines here, Audi and Volkswagen hired Harris Interactive to do a poll stateside. Here is what they found:
65% of American drivers would be in support of lawmakers’ efforts to make diesel more accessible to the American public.

66% of drivers think the government should offer a tax incentive on clean diesel vehicles.

57% of American drivers feel the government has unfairly placed its bets in favor of hybrids and electrics over clean diesel vehicles.

59% of 18-34 year old drivers said that if the cost of diesel fuel was on par with gasoline, they would purchase a diesel-powered vehicle.

Only 39% of those 45+ said they would purchase a diesel car over a gas car if there was fuel price parity.

Younger drivers do not remember the fiasco of the 70s and are more savvy and open-minded about this possibility. Unfortunately, law makers generally do not fall into this group. However, the times they are a-changin’ and the new generation will be heard. VW and Audi just need a little patience. Their time will come.


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