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GM - General Motors Recognizes Gay Marriage

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On: Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 7:54AM | By: Karen Cook

GM - General Motors Recognizes Gay Marriage

This may seem like an odd topic to find on an auto blog, but there is more to auto news than the latest car. Being such a huge entity in the United States, the auto industry has the ability to affect the world outside its dealerships and manufacturing plants.

Recently GM announced that it will offer benefits to same sex couples whether they work in a state that recognizes their marriage or not. If you work in Detroit, which does not recognize the marriage, you can still add your partner to your insurance with a marriage license from any of the other states that do. They are the second automaker to do so. The first was Chrysler.

The country is divided on the issue of same sex partnerships, which is shown at the polls every time it shows up on the ballot, but GM and Chrysler are not weighing in on the moral complications of the marriage itself. The purpose behind this decision is that they want to attract the best and brightest in the field. It doesn’t make sense to alienate a large section of the population, even if you don’t agree with their life decisions. That would be like denying someone benefits because you didn’t like what their significant other did at the office Christmas party.

Other minority groups are jumping on this bandwagon. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition is encouraging auto manufacturers to hire more black employees and attract more black customers. It is rumored that one of the Detroit Three could soon have a female CEO.

There’s no word on whether or not this policy will bring a backlash from the buyers who consistently vote against same sex marriage. I would imagine that they will have their say in the end. The downside of making such a sweeping decision is that it won’t matter who you have working for you if no one is buying your product. I hope that won’t happen though. Whether I like the person you’re married to or not, I don’t think you should be denied any of the benefits I’m entitled to. I applaud GM and Chrysler for their fair dealing with their employees.


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