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Toyota's FV2: Mood Ring Meets Segway

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On: Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 12:24PM | By: Karen Cook

Toyota's FV2: Mood Ring Meets Segway

So, you’re waiting at a stop light and you glance into the car next to you. The guy in the other car is obviously angry. He’s got a grimace that goes on for days and the veins in his forehead are visibly pounding even from your vantage point. When the light turns green you drive slightly more defensively until he turns off the road. What if your car could read your mood? What if your car could read your mood and broadcast this information to other drivers? What if it changed color in response? It sounds like something from a movie but this is just the start of what a new vehicle from Toyota can do.

The FV2 will be able to do all the snazzy things newer models are now capable of, such as detect other vehicles on the road and help you avoid running into them. But this car will also collect your personal driving data and suggest destinations based on your mood. It will have fully functional face and voice recognition software. If you are tense your care may suggest a trip to the park, the gym, or (if you’re female) the mall.

But that’s just the beginning of what this car can do. There is no steering wheel, but it doesn’t drive itself. That’s a possibility down the road, but for now it steers much like a Segway. The driver need only tilt his body in the direction he wants to go and the car will follow. The more you drive it, the better attuned it becomes to your actions and it will respond accordingly.

With younger drivers becoming more dependent and more comfortable with technology Toyota expects this type of vehicle to be a huge success. The emotional connection that the current generation has with smart phones and other computer-based systems will create a demand and an expectation that must be met if manufacturers are going to succeed.

The FV2 will be shown at the Toyota Motor Show later this month. It is only a concept vehicle at this point, but Toyota hopes to have this product ready to sell sometime next year.

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