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Be Aware of Vehicle Defects

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On: Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 4:42PM | By: Karen Cook

Be Aware of Vehicle Defects

In order for any manufacturer to be successful they must give us a product that is useful, dependable, and safe. We count on automobile makers to provide us with transportation that we can count on and which will not harm us, unless we do something stupid. It’s in their best interest if they want us to continue to buy. The government also checks in to approve safety measures in vehicles. Unfortunately, unforeseen defects happen and even though recalls are continuous, sometimes the problem is noticed too late.

Recently a jury ruled that Toyota was responsible for the death of a passenger and injuries to the driver of a 2005 Camry sedan. The car allegedly began to accelerate while exiting a freeway and the driver was unable to avoid the crash. The lawsuit was filed in 2007, but a ruling is only now forthcoming. Toyota denies any defect and says the crash was due to an error on the driver’s part or sticky floor mats.

This is not the first acceleration problem Toyota has faced. In 2009 an accident in California caused another investigation into the floor mats of Lexus vehicles, also manufactured by the Toyota Company, and it was discovered that the mats did contribute to the problem but were not solely responsible for it. Once again, the gas pedal was found to be at fault. The recall was expanded in 2010 with more cars needing attention to avoid possible unwanted acceleration.

Toyota has had other potentially fatal issues with their vehicles, but they are not alone. In 2012 Ford faced a lawsuit over the seat belts in the Taurus. An accident occurred which injured all four people in the car and the family sued Ford claiming the seat belts contributed to the severity of the injuries. It was later determined, however, that modifications had been made to the seat belts after leaving the factory and Ford was not responsible.

How can you make sure that the vehicle you are driving is not going to be the cause of an accident? First, pay attention to recalls. Repair of defective parts is free and could save your life. Next, pay attention to your car. Is it doing anything you don’t expect it to do? If so, report it to your local dealer and at the manufacturer’s website. Last, keep your car in good repair and don’t allow anyone to make modifications which affect the safety equipment of the vehicle. It isn’t truly a defect if you have let equipment break down or become excessively dirty or if someone changes what the manufacturer put in the car.


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