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The "Auto" Mobile

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On: Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 9:11AM | By: Karen Cook

The "Auto" Mobile

You may have read my previous article on self-driving automobiles. The government is now getting involved in this new technology. As I’ve said before, this sort of progress was inevitable and the government agrees. There are far reaching benefits to computer-controlled vehicles.

A true “auto” mobile has a much higher reaction time than a human being and also cannot be distracted while driving. Total focus can be achieved. A computer is unable to drink, do drugs, or fall asleep. Government studies have shown that 90 percent of traffic accidents stem from these reasons along with inexperience and aggressive driving, which would also be prevented.

Another benefit would be to the elderly and physically limited individuals who now have a difficult time operating a motor vehicle. This portion of the population is now dependent on special equipment or others for their mobility. A self-driving automobile would bring mean returning to freedom and self-sufficiency.

Having these vehicles on the road is likely to reduce traffic congestion and increase fuel efficiency as the computer will have the capability of judging the flow of other cars and adapting to changes without the current “stop-and-go” pattern.

According to a study done by the Eno Center for Transportation, if 90 percent of vehicles were computer-driven there could be as many as 21,700 fewer deaths and there would be a saving of $447 billion dollars in accident related expenses.

The main obstacle at this point is price. A computer-controlled car would set you back well over $100,000 if they were available and that’s just for the computer. Prices are expected to decrease significantly with mass production, but that is still far down the road. Other potential problems include consumer trust and hack prevention.

Electric vehicles have faced similar problems and have not had the mass appeal manufacturers expected, due to technology availability. These issues are being slowly overcome and the same will likely be true for self-driving cars.


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