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Charging Made Easy

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On: Thu, Oct 24, 2013 at 11:07AM | By: Karen Cook

Charging Made Easy

Electric vehicles have been on the market for years now. Eventually they will be a necessity rather than a choice. The main problems the industry must overcome are the relatively low travel distance compared with gasoline engines and the lack of charging stations nationwide. Gas is much more readily available and the benefits from it are instantaneous. You never have to wait to use the fuel you just put in your tank. These issues are being addressed as quickly as researchers can find new options.

One company has moved to the forefront with a new convenient answer to the charging station question. HEVO Power dared to ask why a charging station had to be so similar to a gas station. Damage to and theft of current chargers is also problematic. What they came up with was totally outside the box.

At first it seemed that electric car charging would have to be limited to home or specific areas that would be equipped with plugs for cables running from the car to the outlet. This is basically the same setup as a gas pump but it takes so much longer. HEVO Power decided to do away with the bulk of cables and created wireless charging through plates embedded in the street. The plates look like manhole covers and take up the same area as a parking space.

The process is simple. Park in one of the marked spaces, open an app on your phone to start charging, and go about your business. The app also allows you to monitor your charge. There is a fee for using one of these which can be paid through your phone; you also have to have your vehicle equipped with a special receiver to communicate with the charger. The company is planning to test market its prototype in New York City next year.

HEVO Power is not the first company to try this, but its model is more practical and efficient than any of its predecessors. Our oil supply isn’t going to last forever. This may be the technology that will make electric vehicles more appealing to the mainstream and make gas powered engines a thing of the past.

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