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Canada's Magnum Teases New MK5 Supercar

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On: Sat, Oct 19, 2013 at 8:57AM | By: Chris Weiss

Canada's Magnum Teases New MK5 Supercar

We've heard about Canadian supercars in the past. But they have had a way of appearing and disappearing without ever fully materializing. The last one we heard about was the HTT-Plethore, and while its website says it's available to the select few, we haven't heard or seen anything about this car in years—not even a tweet since last August. 

That's okay because there's another contender laying claim to building the first true Canadian supercar. Montreal-based race car manufacturer Magnum has teased a new road-legal supercar that it plans to debut in less than two weeks.

"Magnum will be unveiling its new high performance two-seater lightweight supercar on October 30, 2013," the company says in its teaser release. "Named the MK5, Magnum's new offering is both street-legal and track-focused. Boasting racecar performance and supercar build quality and styling, the Magnum MK5 will be the first creation from Canada to hit the international track-day car market."

That teaser is about as generic as humanly possible—not even a hint of 0-60 mph time, top speed, composite construction technique, or anything. Pretty much every supercar on the planet can claim that it is street-legal but track focused, save for the ones that are track-focused and not street-legal. Outside of that, all it says is that it intends to take "the lead in the lightweight supercar category using the latest technologies, techniques and material, bold styling, and forward thinking mindset to pioneer a refined and innovative driving platform"—more generic babble that nearly any supercar maker could say.

The video below is a little more telling. The MK5 is completely under cloth, but it's obvious enough that it's an open-top roadster. In fact, it doesn't appear to have a windscreen, looking like the latest member of a growing market of lightweight roadsters designed specifically for the track. Other recent debuts in this category include the Mexican-developed VUHL 05 and the upcoming E10 from new British manufacturer Zenos. Other tipped-off elements include a pair of flared front fenders.

Magnum has completed testing on the MK5 and plans to reveal it to the world on Friday, October 30 on its website—www.magnummk5.com. If you're eager to get a first look, the company invites you to follow it on Facebook for an "exclusive sneak peek."


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