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Packing For a Road Trip

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On: Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 10:47AM | By: Karen Cook

Packing For a Road Trip

You’ve been counting down for days or even weeks and now it’s finally time for your road trip. Whether for business or pleasure, the preparation for a trip is stressful. Here are a few things to remember to bring or do when you’re packing.

1) Don’t forget to pack your electronic device chargers. Yes, they can be bought on the road, but do you really want to use your funds for something like this? There are better ways to spend it.

2) Make a written list of all your important phone numbers and addresses. If you’ve forgotten your phone charger you may be glad you have this. While you’re doing this also program some emergency contact info into your phone. Label them emergency or ICE (in case of emergency) just in case something happens and you can’t provide this information to your rescuers.

3) Bring rubber flip-flops or shower shoes. Even if you aren’t planning to camp, it’s always a good idea to protect your feet in wet places. The minor inconvenience of wearing them in the shower far outweighs the consequences of any foot disease you might pick up.

4) No matter what time of year it is or what your destination is, always bring a swimsuit and a long sleeved shirt or light sweater. Even in the winter you could come across an indoor pool and it would be a shame to either forego this pleasure or have to spend your vacation money on a swimsuit. The warm layer is good even in the summer or tropical climates because a day in the sun can cause an air conditioned restaurant or a balmy evening to seem very chilly.

5) Bring plenty of water in the car with you, and a can of gas. Our country is vast and some parts of it don’t have a convenience store or gas station at every corner. Sometimes you may not even find a corner. The water is not just for comfort but also to prevent dehydration that could ruin your trip. And the gas will keep you from being stranded somewhere with no phone signal to contact AAA.

6) Lastly, pack a road map. One on paper that covers the area you are intending to visit. This is handy when you’ve got no signal for your GPS and also to plan your adventures from day to day. It’s also fun for children to plot a course and keep track of how far they’ve traveled.

You’ve got your toothbrush, sunscreen, and shampoo, but tossing in these few extra things will make your trip more comfortable, safer, and less stressful.


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