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Equus Bass 770 is $253,000 Worth of Tire-shredding Awesomeness

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On: Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 9:23PM | By: Teddy Field

Equus Bass 770 is $253,000 Worth of Tire-shredding Awesomeness

The original muscle car recipe called for one part lightweight body and three parts big honkin' motor. The resulting concoction wasn't particularly 'smooth', but it would sure put a grin on your face (until you attempted to go around a curve, of course). At the time, the saying “The only thing that beats cubic inches is cubic dollars” was the Golden Rule. Then some gear head decided to combine the two, which resulted in an entirely new breed of monied muscle cars.

Today, there are many delightful choices in the exclusive world of bespoke speed machines. The latest comes to us from a little company in Michigan called Equus Automotive. It has a funny name—Equus Bass 770—and an eye-popping price tag—$250k. But it is a sight to behold.

Let's start by addressing the obvious; the Equus Bass 770 isn't a bass boat, a fishing rod, or a heavily modified Mustang. It's a serious performance machine, built from the ground up using the latest materials and technology. They made it look like a Mustang, a Charger, a Camaro, a '70 Dodge Super Bee... because it looks cool.

To make the car extremely rigid and light, the body is made entirely of superformed aluminum, and each panel has a carbon fiber liner grafted to the back. The chassis and suspension are also made from aluminum, with an aluminum tube frame running over the cabin, to direct any bodyflex to a mounting point above the rear axle. To allow for near 50:50 weight distribution, the engine (more on that in a minute) is mounted behind the front axle, and the transmission is hung at the rear. The result is a curb weight of just 3,640 lbs. And they claim the BassTracker 770 has sublime handling, thanks to the Vette's Magnetic Ride Control active suspension, traction management system, and Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes.

Powering the Equus Bass 770 is a supercharged 6.2L LS9 from the recently deceased C6 Corvette ZR1 (if you're a Mustang fanatic, feel free to swear). The transmission also comes from Bowling Green in the form of the Vette's 6-speed twin-disk transaxle (yes, we know the drivetrain isn't actually made in Kentucky, we're just messing with the Ford people). Horsepower is rated at 640-hp / 605 ft-lbs, and 0-60 is said to arrive in just 3.4 seconds, which is about the same as the C6 ZR1 or a Ferrari 458 Italia. The top speed is quoted at 200 mph.

With a starting price of $253k, you would expect the Equus Bass-Hauler 770 to have an appropriately high-brow interior. Which of course, it does. Open the door, and you're treated to an inventive mix of styling details from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. There're toggle switches on the leather-wrapped dash, aluminum trim, a big navigation screen, a full complement of gauges, and dual front airbags to keep your rich behind safe. Equus Automotive will be happy to custom design any portion of the interior or exterior to suit your tastes. And they've hinted that an automatic version will be available soon, along with different engines.

The Equus Bass 770 is certainly a lust-worthy car, and their promo video reminds us of those uber-cool BMW Films that came out a few years ago. Wonder if they'll do a special BassPro Shop 770 in camouflage?

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