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Four Effective New & Used Car Buying Tips

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On: Mon, May 10, 2010 at 12:48PM | By: Michael Jon Lazar

Four Effective New & Used Car Buying Tips

There are many facets to buying a used or a new car that one should really take into consideration before they up and make that big purchase. Sometimes consumers struggle when it comes time to make would will more than likely going to be one of the biggest purchases of their lives. But there are some really easy tips that you can follow that not only can net you best deal on a new or used car, but that can allow you to also enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that you made a wise and well-informed purchase.

Vehicle History is Important
When buying a used car it is always wise to conduct a vehicle history report. According to Carybuyingtips.com there are some really great online services that you can use—many times that the dealers will actually pay for when you are considering the purchase of a used car—that can truly come in handy. The site recommends a particular service over another popular one (Auto Check versus Carfax). They say this is because, “AutoCheck is a premium vehicle history report product from Experian Automotive. Experian Automotive is a business unit of Experian Group Ltd., a company with annual sales in excess of $3.8 billion (you probably know them best as the credit report people). Experian Automotive is able to use all of Experian’s data collection expertise to give you a comprehensive vehicle history report including the exclusive Auto Check Score (it’s like a credit score for your car).”

Important Things to Consider When Buying Used
Buying a car, whether it is a new or a used one, is very large purchasing decision that should not be rushed. Many experts compare the purchasing of a car to that of a home; they are two of the largest purchases that most people will make in their lives. Another good rule of thumb to follow when looking at used cars is to make sure that you pull some online prices from freely-provided resources that tell you what new and used cars are worth, like the Kelly Blue Book. This way you can print out the value of the car and have some serious haggling power upon your arrival at the dealership.

Get Pre-Approved for Credit Beforehand
This is a big yes if you want to avoid the hassles and the mish mash, not mention the oodles of paperwork, that you will be subjected to should you opt for in-house financing (where the dealership uses their financial connections to get you approved for a loan). Rather, by getting your own online loan approval prior, you will have far more leverage at closing a deal on a new car that is in your interests—as the salespersons know that you are ready to buy and are already approved for a certain amount. So that car listed at 10k can easily be had for 9k, because you can make an offer on the spot. And you will also have an idea of what your price range is, based upon your approval amount.

When to Look for the Best Deals
There are many really great times of the year to look for the best deals, especially on new cars. Finding them is easy: a simple online search can net you a plethora of great information on what incentives are currently being offered. On many occasions, during major federal holidays, dealerships are notorious for offering their best deals in order to move inventories fast!



gator done | 2:45PM (Mon, May 10, 2010)

Will some dealerships let you have the car for a few days to test drive it?
I wish my dealership had, Because I would NOT have bought my car! My seats are soooo extremely uncomfortable! And that is just one thing I don't like about my car.
But, it is my fault! I did not research the vehicle at all. I drove it around the block and bought it.

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