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Want To Get 150 MPG? Here's How Hypermilers Do It

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On: Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 1:45PM | By: Bill Wilson

Want To Get 150 MPG? Here's How Hypermilers Do It

Drivers have been complaining about high gas prices ever since automobiles were invented. Yet, when it comes to doing something about fuel costs, Americans are long on talk and short on action. That may be why unleaded costs well over $3.00 a gallon across the country. 

Fortunately, there are some ways you can get more out of each drop of petroleum. These methods go beyond the usual advice about staying inside the speed limits and keeping your tires properly inflated. They’ve been developed over the past 10 years by a group of people who call themselves hypermilers. By following their tips, you can greatly increase the distance you go on a tank of gas. Some drivers double their current MPG by using these suggestions. Here they are.

Coast as much as possible
To do this, increase the distance between your vehicle and those around it, and slow down, as opposed to speeding up, when you see a red light ahead. Taking these steps will enable you to simply let the car idle while you keep your foot off the accelerator. CAUTION: Be sure to keep your foot ready to use the brakes if you need them. Getting in a wreck will reduce your gas use to zero, but not in a good way. Also, leave your engine running while you coast. Otherwise you may lose your steering and braking assists.

Slow down going uphill
Stepping on the gas while going up in elevation is murder on fuel economy. Hypermilers speed up slightly before reaching the hill, then let their momentum carry them over it. While going downhill they resist the urge to step on the gas, letting gravity do all it can first to keep them moving at a reasonable speed.

Choose parking spots with care
Hypermilers look for the part of the parking lot that’s higher than the surrounding area. Then they park so they can take off without backing up. This way, when they leave the location gravity will help pull the car forward, minimizing gas use.

Lighten up
Dedicated hypermilers keep their vehicles as light as possible, never using it to store items that might drive up their fuel costs. Some are so devoted to maximizing their gas savings that they go on diets to reduce the load their cars must carry. This seems as good a reason as any to go on a diet.


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