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The Best Season of the Year - Car Show Season!

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On: Sun, Sep 15, 2013 at 3:29AM | By: Lou Ruggieri

The Best Season of the Year - Car Show Season!

While some people argue Summer is the best season of the year, we respectfully disagree. Whenever Fall rolls around, suddenly there is a wealth of things to make us realize how good life can be.  Football season begins—and during the Fall months, most teams still have a chance—the leaves change colors and show us how beautiful a drive down the road can be, no more sweating profusely and running from air-conditioned room to air-conditioned car, and, of course, there are the car shows.

Whether you're from New Jersey, Florida, New Hampshire, or Utah, there are plenty of car shows in September and October to remind you just how awesome being an automotive enthusiast can be. They are all essentially the same, and not in a bad way mind you, but there are usually some common themes amongst most of the old car shows. All of the big boys will be there—Tri-Five Chevys, late-60s Mustangs, Corvettes of all ages, a couple well done T-Buckets, a couple not-so-well-done T-Buckets, chopped-topped Mercurys, maybe even a Road Runner or an actual 427 Cobra if you're lucky enough. There are always unbelievable paint jobs, superchargers that alone are bigger than many Honda engines, not to mention a few odd-ball cars that will make you scratch your head as to why someone would sink $30,000 in parts to mod an old Saab. There are always owners who will be a bit pretentious about their rides (typically the ones that did none of the work themselves are the worst), and some that will do everything to show your their car short of handing you the keys.

Shows like the Lake Mirror Classic in our home town of Lakeland, Florida (www.lakemirrorclassic.com), or the show that all of this article's accompanying pictures came from—Lead East: The World's Biggest 50s Party (www.leadeast.net) held annually in Parsippany, New Jersey—are just that, parties! It's never just about the cars—though the cars are the reason we all go. The music, the food, and the general atmosphere are like nothing else around. And if you're a true gearhead, the sounds of open headers on a big block Chevy or the smell of a Holley carb that is tuned just a little too rich will put you in an almost euphoric state (of course, that could be the gas fumes too, but we digress). The sight and sound of children asking relentless questions about, "What kind of car is that Dad?" to older kids who are veterans to these shows asking, "What year Corvette is that?" instills a sense of hope that even though these cars aren't being produced any more, they are still going to be loved and sought after for decades to come.

So what are you waiting for? Get up and look for the closest show to you this Sunday and get while the getting is good. Admission isn't too bad, and it helps support the show winners prize money which is one more incentive for them to keep bringing those beautiful cars back every year. And as an added tip, don't focus just on the cars inside the ropes; people come from miles around to go to these things, and if the weather is nice, they will bring their nicest wheels out just to show their own spirit, even if they aren't in the show, so keep an eye on the parking lots because you might just see some fantastic wheels there too. The last bit of advice we have is that we know when you're driving home you might be tempted to floor it out of the parking lot or down the street right outside of the show, but be forewarned that police know that too, and they'll be watching, so don't ruin your perfect day with a ticket! That being said, don't be afraid to hit the on-ramp a little harder than usual—just to show a little spirit.

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