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Pardon Me, May I Cut In?

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On: Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 8:09AM | By: Karen Cook

Pardon Me, May I Cut In?

If you sit down to a table with a full place setting, do you know which fork to use? How many people have you seen lately with a handkerchief, even when they’ve needed one? When was the last time men stood up when a lady entered the room? Unfortunately, manners are fast becoming something from the past, something our grandparents did, but are not needed in our current society. What a shame!

Even so, it would be nice if there were some sort of rules of etiquette while driving. We all know what the driver’s handbook says, but those aren’t the rules I’m talking about. We need some method of communication with other drivers in a language of gestures we can all understand. Of course, we have a few, but I’m trying to champion good manners. Most of us give a wave of the hand when another driver lets us out into traffic. We also flash our headlights at oncoming drivers to let them know theirs aren’t on or to warn of a speed trap ahead. These are friendly signals that let us be mannerly while on the road.

There are so many more situations where we could speak to other drivers and let them know our intentions or that we understand theirs. This would have to go beyond turn signals (come on people, turn ‘em off when you’ve changed lanes) and hazard lights (which are not to be used when the car is moving, we all know it’s raining).

We need a way to say:
- Please move out of the fast lane. You may not have noticed, but cars are passing you on the right.

- I’m sorry I . It was my bad. Please don’t be angry.

- I’m on unfamiliar ground and I can’t find my street. I’m so sorry to hold you up.

Things happen on the road. Nobody drives in quite the same way and no one else drives as well as you do. That’s common knowledge. Still, since the other drivers are at such an obvious disadvantage we need to curb the frustration and road rage. Cut them some slack. Have the grace to show some manners and maybe together we can all come up with some signals to communicate with each other. For now though, a smile goes much farther than a finger to diffuse a tense situation.


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