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My Favorite Car Color is Alien

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On: Sat, Aug 31, 2013 at 11:44AM | By: Karen Cook

My Favorite Car Color is Alien

Plum Crazy, Sunburn, Orange Peel, Hurricane Blue, Egg Yolk, Desert Sand. What do these random words have in common?  They are all car colors. So according to my title, my favorite color would be green. But what if aliens are gray, or purple, or yellow? And why is a hurricane blue? I live in Florida and I can tell you hurricanes are not blue.  They are varying shades of gray, sometimes bordering on purple-green. But not blue.  In fact, blue would be the absence of a hurricane.

So why all the fancy names for car colors? Research shows that snazzy colors are appealing to the consumer. Different color groups are popular in different countries. China prefers blue, South America likes red, and America buys both about equally. You may not be partial to a brown car, but what if it was Root Beer colored? Or maybe a white car isn’t for you. But how about one in Cool Vanilla? There’s an upswing in food colored cars recently. The thought behind this is that if a color can appeal to more than one sense it will be more desirable. In other words, if your eyesandyour taste buds like it, you’ll be more likely to buy.

Ok, so I might like a Black Licorice car better than a basic black, but does the color name serve any other purpose? I get to tell admirers of my vehicle that it’s not just black, which can be either pompous or cute, depending on the situation. And I need the exact color name if I need touch up paint but that’s where the usefulness ends.

Go grab your car title, if you have been fortunate enough to have paid off your vehicle without succumbing to the overwhelming desire to immediately trade in your car once you received it. Go on. I can wait.

Now, what color is your car? It’s not the Merlot beauty your salesperson sold you, is it? It’s purple or maybe burgundy. How did that happen? The answer is simple. There is one particular person who ultimately decides what color your vehicle is. It’s the Title Clerk. There is usually at least one in every dealership. The Title Clerk makes sure your tag and title paperwork is filled out correctly and sent to your state. So why did this arrogant person decide your car was burgundy instead of Merlot? Unfortunately the state cannot accommodate all these different colors in their system. They reduce colors to the basics and the Title Clerk decides which one of these best suits your vehicle’s color.

So go ahead and buy that lovely Cappuccino Frost convertible. Just don’t be surprised to discover when you get your title that you bought a plain ol’ tan car!

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