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Powerball winner plans to buy an early Acura NSX, Ayrton Senna NSX suddenly appears on eBay-Coincidence?

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On: Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 7:23AM | By: Teddy Field

Powerball winner plans to buy an early Acura NSX, Ayrton Senna NSX suddenly appears on eBay-Coincidence?

Most people have a list of things to buy, should the Lottery Gods ever smile upon them. I for example, would buy a hollowed-out volcano, a lifetime supply of Twinkies, a dynamite factory, and 365 Chevy Cavaliers. Then I would start each day by eating a dozen of those delicious little Hostess cakes, helicopter down from my volcano, and blow-up one of the most hateful cars ever made. However, recent Powerball winner Paul White has much more practical ideas for his $58 million dollars. 

Topping his lottery-funded shopping list will be college tuition for his two daughters and a new house for his parents. But the 45-year old engineer from Minnesota says that he also plans to buy himself an early-90's Acura NSX—which ironically, is the exact car that F1 legend Ayrton Senna used to drive.

In a press conference held on August 8th, White told reporters: “Honestly I know it sounds kind of crazy, but Acura makes this car. I used to have an Acura Integra back in 1988. I loved that little car. Well they made this car, I don’t think they make it anymore, it’s called theNSXand it does the slalom in like 78 miles an hour or somethin’, it’s just crazy. Well they don’t make them anymore, but there’s one on Craigslist I’ve been watching for a few months. I think it’s 30 grand and it’s got like 12 thousand miles on it. It’s a ’91 or a ’92 or somthin’ like that. …I’m buyin’ that car.”

That same day, a pristine Berlina Black 1993 Honda NSX was listed on eBay UK. The seller claims that his 31,000-mi SuperHonda was originally owned by the late Formula One Champion Ayrton Senna. Having been involved in the NSX's chassis / suspension development, Senna was reportedly given several NSX's as a gratuity for helping Honda to perfect its groundbreaking supercar. However, the one listed in the auction was said to have been a gift from long-time friend Antonio Braga, and was kept garaged for him near the Estoril Circuit in Portugal. It wears chassis number 000999, and even comes with floor mats that supposedly have Senna's actual footprint worn into them.

Paul White's story is certainly refreshing, and we wish him all the best as he enjoys an early retirement. The tale about a cherry Honda NSX that was once owned by Ayrton Senna, almost sounds too good to be true—and with a current high-bid near $80k U.S., we doubt Mr. White would be interested at that price. He sounds toocheapthrifty.

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