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Are Your Passengers Stressing You Out?

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On: Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 11:28AM | By: Elizabeth Puckett

Are Your Passengers Stressing You Out?

Backseat drivers are perhaps the most irritating part of any trip. Backseat driving is basically when a passenger nags the driver about how they are driving, the route they are taking, and even the radio station they choose. So, who makes the worst backseat driver? No surprise to any married couple: it is most certainly the backseat driving spouse!

In a survey conducted by Insurance.com, it was the spouse that drove the driver the most insane. The survey showed no bias to husbands or wives, meaning both genders are equally guilty. This study was done by conducting a poll of 500 men and women drivers.

Both men and women agreed that their spouse was the most irritating passenger in the car—and surprisingly it was agreed their children were the least irritating people in the car.

Of the women in the study, 34% named their husbands as being the least likable backseat driver. According to these same women, mothers were the second most irritating backseat drivers, at an annoying 18% rate. A women’s friend accounts for the third worst backseat driver for 15% of the women surveyed. Their kids and their fathers finished out the list for women.

As far as the men studied are concerned, their wives annoyed 40 percent of them the most. Men considered their friends to be the second most annoying backseat driver with 17 percent of the surveyed men calling them out for backseat driving. Mothers of men seemed to bother 15% of them the most, coming in at third. Just like the women who took the poll, men said children and fathers were the least likely to take a male driver to the brink of insanity.

While kids can certainly bring some annoying behaviors to the inside of your car, among both men and women, children don’t seem to annoy drivers very much on the road. Adult daughters were found to annoy only 7 percent of the 500 people polled, and adult sons accounted for 4 percent. Only 5 percent point to younger sons for annoyances, and daughters of any age only came up 3 percent of the time.

As far as what behaviors were found to be the most stressful, the most offensive include: remarks about speed, giving unwanted directions, excessive talking, hitting the imaginary brakes, talking over music or tampering with the radio.


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