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Safety Features Premier in Luxury Cars First

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On: Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 9:10AM | By: Elizabeth Puckett

Safety Features Premier in Luxury Cars First

Before safety was widely demanded in all models, the only ultra-luxury models—A.K.A. the really expensive ones—offered live-saving features. People who were involved in wrecks had little chance of survival unless they had cars with advanced (for the time) safety features like ABS and air bags. In current times, these safety features are pretty much standard, but the tradition of luxury cars getting the latest and greatest in safety technology first remains the same.

Auto manufacturers have begun to put greater emphasis on safety features as safety-conscious drivers are demanding them more now than ever before. Lane-departure warning systems and object-intercept prevention technology isn’t all that rare anymore; some would even call it mainstream. Even though major value and economical brands are loading up on safety features, luxury brands still continue to raise the bar in this area of automotive development.

Mercedes-Benz has built a 2014 S-Class that further establishes the brand’s reputation as being a pioneer in safety development for cars. The S-Class is the flagship model of the maker’s line-up and this newest version of the sedan, which goes on sale in the fall of 2013, has been under development for seven years.

Product manager for the new S-Class, Klaus Rehkugler, thinks the S-Class is the best car in the world; as far as safety innovation goes, it is hard to argue with him.

The new safety aids include a feature Mercedes-Benz called Pre-Safe; this feature is made to assist drivers to avoid hitting other cars or pedestrians while driving in urban areas. This feature works in detecting objects or people who dart out from behind parked cars or cars pulling out from blind spots while the the S-Class is moving at speeds up to 30 miles an hour. When the danger is detected, the car’s brakes are applied at a faster rate than the human driver could.

Pre-Safe Plus detects cars approaching too rapidly and flashes the rear lights on the S-Class—an ideal feature for avoiding rear-end collisions common with interstate driving when traffic suddenly slows and distracted drivers don’t notice. This feature also automatically applies the brakes and tightens up the seat belts to minimize injury from whiplash.

Included in the new S-Class features is a system which takes over steering and controls the car's forward motion in stop-and-go traffic in order to reduce driver fatigue. This feature will even steer the car through lane changes made by the car ahead.

Additionally, night vision capacity is expanded with thermal imaging cameras that will detect pedestrians and animals and warn the driver while also flashing the lights at the object.

The safety features coming to the 2014 S-Class sedan will eventually work their way into less expensive fleets in the Mercedes-Benz brand. Once the new features begin appearing in more affordable models, other auto manufacturers will be forced to compete, including those not in the luxury brand class.


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