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Help Your Car Stay Cool & Survive the Summer Heat

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On: Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 11:10AM | By: Elizabeth Puckett

Help Your Car Stay Cool & Survive the Summer Heat

Heat waves are plaguing parts of this country, or as people from the southern states call it “the middle of summer”. Many parts of the nation are dealing with extreme heat and unpleasant humidity, and drivers dread getting into their cars. Going for a ride can feel like torture, even to the people who normally love driving their cars around. There are a few things you can do to minimize your discomfort when you have to drive somewhere this summer—hopefully the tips below will get you through the extreme heat. Learn about keeping the cabin cooler for your comfort as well as keeping your car from overheating.

A word of caution!
Sadly, many young passengers have fallen victim to heat-related death this summer from being left behind in a hot car. Please remember to be extra careful when it comes to children and cars. Even on a day that seems cooler, the inside of your car can reach deadly high temperatures and children should never spend any amount of time in a parked car. Also, be vigilant around parked cars and if you do notice a child inside a parked car, contact the authorities right away and try to locate the vehicle’s owner.

Tip 1: Keep Your Car Out of the Sun
While not in motion, make sure you park your car in the shade. If you park your car in the garage during the summer instead of the driveway, the inside of your car will be significantly cooler when you first get in. When you have to park it outside, make sure to do so under the shade of a tree or structure.

Tip 2: Recharge Your A/C
If you’ve noticed that it takes a while for your A/C to cool the inside of your car, or if your car never really seems to cool off, it might be time to have your A/C recharged.

Tip 3: Top Off Coolant
If your engine overheats, major mechanical damage can occur—overheating can burn out sensors, seals, and even ruin your entire motor! Engine coolant keeps your engine from overheating.

Tip 4: Check for Wear and Tear in the Engine Bay
Worn hoses can easily burst and split in the summertime. Do a quick check of your engine bay and look for any components that seem old or distressed. Most hoses and lines cost mere dollars from the local auto parts store and take no time at all to replace.

Tip 5: Check Your Tire Pressure
Changes in weather and extreme heat can actually cause your tires to inflate themselves. Avoid dangerous blowouts by keeping an eye on your tire pressure. Check weekly for normal driving and commuting, and every time you stop for a break on long summer road trips.


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