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Some Cars Just Grow On You...

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On: Wed, May 5, 2010 at 3:59PM | By: Clay Ritchings

Some Cars Just Grow On You...

I am not a big fan of the trend of vehicles that resemble boxes more than the sleek works of art that we are all accustomed to. I know that these vehicles are probably rather functional in a utilitarian way but I just can’t get over the look. Out of this bunch of cubist friendly land dwellers came the Ford Flex; I hated it right off the bat. But as time goes by and I encounter the Flex in parking lots, on the highways, and around town, the vehicle is growing on me…

If there’s one thing that’s indisputable about the Flex, it’s that nothing else on the road looks quite like it. With a body-color contrasting top, the only place you will find some resemblances is if you look upon the much smaller Mini or the much higher-priced Range Rover—…both style icons in their own right. The fit and finish on the Flex leads to the look that is nothing short of high end.

The retro-styled Ford Flex is a great alternative for families who want minivan features without embracing the Soccer Mom image that plagues the minivan. While the Flex has a little less cargo room than a standard grocery getter, it does offers an optional second-row refrigerated console, a dual-headrest DVD entertainment system, and a reclining and power-folding second row, plus its unique exterior design and powerful engine options make it a winner in my book. I have no family or kids to cart around, but I sure wouldn’t kick it to the curb, that’s for sure.

It wasn't too long ago that minivans reigned supreme as the go-to choice of growing families. In recent years, however, minivan sales have declined due to the arrival of vehicles like the Flex. I don't generally get excited about crossover vehicles because, to me, they are all pretty homely, but Ford's Flex pushes all the right buttons for me. . .

Thankfully, the lifespan of the Pontiac Aztec prevented me from having to write a similar blog: “The Pontiac Aztec Grew On Me.” Rest assured that will never happen.

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