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More EV Chargers Available; Charging Etiquette is Encouraged

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On: Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 11:12AM | By: Elizabeth Puckett

More EV Chargers Available; Charging Etiquette is Encouraged

Last month, IKEA announced its plans to expand the number of EV chargers available at their stores around the country. The Swedish furniture retailer is not alone in offering more electric vehicle charging availability—many are looking to tremendously increase the number of publicly accessible charging stations in the United States. On the heels of this growth are many disgruntled EV owners who want their fellow drivers to use their manners when it comes to EV chargers.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, there are over 6,200 electric vehicle charging stations available to the public currently. As these vehicles become more common on the roads in this country, many companies are making plans to offer more locations.

IKEA and their partner in electric charging, ECOtality Inc., plan to add 24 more Blink electric vehicle charging stations in eight stores in the United States. These new sites include IKEA stores in Illinois, Texas, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. This will bring the total Blink stations at all IKEA stores to 55.

Blink stations can be found in thousands of different businesses (although not in every location) across the country including Sears, Kohl’s, Kroger, GameStop, and many more.

Additionally, a company named Volta offers a wide network of free charging stations in Hawaii—and they also have grand plans of expansion. By the end of 2013, they plan to more than double the presence of charging stations around the state.

Hopefully, the addition of more stations will help ease tensions amongst annoyed drivers who are met with inconsiderate behavior at stations. Electric vehicle owners want their fellow EV drivers as well as other motorists to adapt a code of etiquette around the electric car chargers.

The list of demands by electric drivers include the following:
1- Don’t park in spaces for electric charging if you do not have a plug-in car.

2- If you drive an EV and someone is in the incorrect spot, blocking you from charging, don’t get nasty with the driver.

3- Charge only when you need to and leave the spot free for your fellow EV drivers who need a charge.

4- Charge your vehicle and move on; don’t leave your car in the spot longer than you need to for charging.

5- If a charger is in use and you can park so the charger can reach, it's acceptable to leave the owner of the charging vehicle a note kindly asking them to plug in your car (given there’s no fee) once they’re done—and always return the favor!

6- Don’t unplug charging hybrids just because you drive an all-electric car.

7- When charging is complete, neatly return the cord to its intended position so the next driver doesn’t have to untangle it or drive over it.


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