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Auto Makers Want All Gas to Meet Top Tier Standard

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On: Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 1:14PM | By: Elizabeth Puckett

Auto Makers Want All Gas to Meet Top Tier Standard

Gasoline with the Top Tier notation is gas which outperforms the EPA's current standards. Top auto makers—BMW, Honda, Toyota, General Motors, and Volkswagen—want to make their customers aware of how to find the best Top Tier gasoline and that they need to use it every time they fuel up. These auto manufacturers are also pushing to have better fuels in all stations in order to promote improved fuel economy and lower vehicle emissions.

Auto makers claim that the EPA does not have current standards which ensure the optimal engine performance, so they are calling for higher gas standards to improve the way engines run. The result of better gas means longer lasting & better performing engines, improved gas mileage, and lower vehicle emissions.

Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency has a very strict emission standard known as Tier 2. By the year 2017, the EPA is moving to an even tighter emissions standard called Tier 3. Unfortunately, the standard is not as stringent for gasoline which impacts vehicle emissions.

The minimum additive performance standard was initially established in 1995 by the EPA. Since then, most gas distributors have actually reduced the amount of detergents used in their gas; some mixtures have had detergent reduced by an astounding 50 percent. As a result of the reduced detergent mixture, vehicles have been failing to meet emissions standards. There has also been an increase in build-up in engines, which hinders crucial internal components.

The EPA’s current standard was set in the year 2000—this standard is dated, according to auto makers, and is insufficient for the modern engine and emissions standards. Auto makers also argue that newer, more efficient models are on the way that will greatly suffer if the standard for gas isn't revised.

Currently, there is a standard in gasoline known as Top Tier which has the highest levels of detergents in the mixture. Higher detergent levels are known to prevent build up and deposits from gasoline like mineral crust that reduces efficiency and engine performance.

The Top Tier-certified fuel is also a mixture that contains no additives which can lead to a reduction in the effectiveness of the vehicle’s catalytic converter. Top Tier fueling stations make up a slight majority— just over 50 percent—of gas station in the United States, and auto makers want all stations to be required to have this gas mixture.

Auto company execs strongly urge drivers to use Top Tier detergent fuel in their car’s engine to make it as clean as possible. They want people to know that gas milage, rate of acceleration, and emissions all suffer from deposits left behind by poor quality gas and Top Tier gas is the best option to avoid this.

Any gas found in this country has some level of detergent in it, but buying Top Tier-certified gas is the safest way to ensure the gas you’re buying meets legal standards and beyond.

Gas retailers without Top Tier certification are those who either have not been evaluated or don’t have the Top Tier level of detergents. The list of Top Tier certified gas retailers can be found on the Top Tier Gas website.


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