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By 2020, Most Cars Will Have Built-In Connectivity

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On: Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 5:05PM | By: Elizabeth Puckett

By 2020, Most Cars Will Have Built-In Connectivity

The "Connected Car Industry 2013" report, published by Telefonia, goes into great detail about an expected change in the cars of the future. This report calls for the most significant change in the auto industry in many, many decades—a change brought on by consumer demand. What is this major overhaul all about? A built-in internet connection for your car.

This in-depth report is the first that delves into this technology and how it is expected to control the future of the auto industry. The report even makes a prediction that internet connectivity in new cars will become a requirement instead of an option.

It predicts that by the year 2020, over 90% of vehicles made in that year will have built-in internet connectivity. That may seem pretty far into the future, especially considering how quickly technological advances can happen, but there’re some major roadblocks that will need to be conquered before this becomes a reality.

The most noticeable change in connectivity would first be the way information about the status of the car itself is shared. Automobiles will soon be able to schedule their own maintenance and warn drivers of problems in the electronic or mechanical systems of the vehicle.

Beyond the initial basic connectivity, people will likely see cars with many of the same apps and features found in mobile devices. A new kind of smart car, if you will.

These new benefits are not going to come free to the consumers though. The transferring of data will come with a charge and auto makers are struggling to find a way to bill these services to customers—especially without completely driving them away from models using these products. If the cost of using this technology is too high or billing is a complicated mess, it will likely not be met with open arms by new car buyers.

Car dealers will also be faced with the challenge of educating shoppers on potentially confusing features, a problem now amongst hybrids and electric vehicles.

Additionally, many have concerns about the safety of using these features in relation to operating a car. The AAA recently revealed that even the use of hands-free infotainment technology is very distracting and dangerous. They actually called for fewer voice-activated devices and features, a major step in the opposite direction. Auto makers will also have the challenge of making these features so they are compliant with legal regulations and safety standards.

In order to meet the 2020 prediction, auto manufacturers will have to team up with technology innovators to perfect these features. They’ll also have to become closer to network operators to develop a cost and billing structure that won’t scare away new customers.


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