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Automotive 'Green' Models Take Over Eco-Friendly Movement

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On: Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 8:22AM | By: Elizabeth Puckett

Automotive 'Green' Models Take Over Eco-Friendly Movement

With tax incentives in place and consumer interest on the rise, the global green markets are rapidly expanding. Manufacturers have found ways to improve their production and distribution of of eco-friendly products. Impressive advertising and marketing has also done a stand-up job of convincing buyers to opt for greener options. There are millions of eco-friendly alternative brands and products on the market at this point, and one industry is dominating the green buying demand, but it’s probably not the one you think!

While you can’t leave the house without seeing organic produce, sustainable seafood, recycled bags, or humanly produced coffee—the top green brands have nothing to do with food. When it comes to most earth-friendly brands, consumers believe that automakers are doing the most for the world. This notion is shocking to some as it is widely known that the auto industry has historically played a huge role in depleting resources and creating pollution—both through their products and the manufacturing processes.

According to a survey by Interbrand, a market consulting firm, consumers place automakers in five of the top seven worldwide green brands. These brands include Toyota (#1), Ford (#2), Honda (#3), Nissan (#5), and Volkswagen (#7). BMW and Mercedes also made their way onto the list, though neither finished in the top 20.

Many believe these auto makers are gaining ground in the green market because they have taken the time to educate their target audience on their brands. These auto companies have invested a large amount of their time for marketing, advertising, and educating their sales representatives to help customers understand why they need to buy these models.

Auto makers are very eager to tell consumers what they are doing with technologies and specific models of eco-friendly cars. What automobile manufacturers want the consumers to know is more than just how the car they purchase can impact the earth. These companies promote not only how much good their actual products do for the environment, but how much the manufacturer itself does for environmental sustainability. The green image car companies are promoting involves more than just the end product; they also send out strong messages about corporate responsibility and what efforts the company is making internally to better the world.

Sustainability is now, and will continue to be, a huge part of the agenda for major auto companies as they hope to keep the trust of the consumers and earn more customers with their green image.


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