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Gems From The International Motoring Press

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On: Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 11:42AM | By: John Welch

Gems From The International Motoring Press

Indian traffic is so bad a picture of Miami traffic is the only image that accurately depicts the plight of the drunken, BMW piloting public . . .


Be glad you live in "Murricuh". We have modern roads that are fairly safe when compared with the rest of the world. Indian bloggers Motorbeam.com are reporting that the release of the Tata Nano will negatively affect India's traffic situation. I wish I could tell you more, but the article is a little vague.

Apparently; "The Tata Nano, which recently hit the roads, could worsen road traffic by adding to the growth of private vehicles in the coming days, according to a Delhi High Court Judge. The Court made the remarks while delivering its verdict in the BMW hit-and-run case involving Sanjeev Nanda in which his sentence was reduced to two years from five years for mowing down six persons ten years ago." . . . quoting the article in question.

Ten years ago?! So has he served a load of extra jail-time, or are they just now getting around to hearing this case in court??!

How about a quote from that very same 'Court': “There are no stop signs, no speed limits and as heavy vehicles go zig-zak on the roads, it is hard to ignore the disturbing reality that many commercial and private drivers are drunk and no one checks them,” the court said.

Yes, that is 'zig-zak'. This statement has to make us 'Murrehkens feel better about our "If you're too drunk to drive, hand those keys to your seven-year-old" policy. I love how they posted an image that is not New Delhi, but instead it appears to be somewhere in Miami, circa 1999. Be sure to read the comments on the article; their English is a lot better than my Hindi . . .

2010 Chang’an Ben Ben:

Here we have a delightful article about the many updates being applied to the 2010 Chang’an Ben Ben, seen here in convincing "barely trying duct-tape" disguise. According to the article, the Ben Ben is less than hard . . . "The 2010 Ben Ben features a lighter, softer front end with a new nose and lower bumpers, the rear end also has softer rounder light sets which have given the Ben Ben a nice face lift and bottom tuck for 2010, but is it all a little too late for the once well selling mini car?"

I'm happy for the Ben Ben. Who doesn't want a nice 'bottom tuck'?

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