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Five Great Father's Day Cars

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On: Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 11:15AM | By: Chris Weiss

Five Great Father's Day Cars

A car might seem like an extravagant Father's Day gift, but your dad did teach you how to drive and maybe bought you your first car. Plus, he had to wait up anxiously on those nights when you gallavanted off in your car way past curfew. So maybe a car isn't such an extravagant gift after all; maybe it's just the perfect way of saying "thank you," which is what Father's Day is all about.

To help you out, U.K. car rental firm Great Escape Classic Car Hire has outlined the "five ultimate dad cars for Father's Day." Even if you have no plans to buy or rent your dad a car, the list is a fun read of classic cars that any car-loving father would surely appreciate. It also brings about a great idea: Even if you can't afford to give a car as a gift, you could always rent that cherry red sports car your dad always wanted but never treated himself to.

"These five Dad Cars got on the list because of their popularity with Dads—our customers," explains Graham Eason of Great Escape. "They’re great because they fly in the face of what your kids consider cool. They're not just the anti-cool choice but the right choice too—all of these cars are purely indulgence and fun."

1. Ford Mustang - This American is such an intuitive choice for "ultimate dad's car" it needs no supporting argument. But, in case you're not convinced, Great Escape says, "It's about as subtle as a sledgehammer, but that's exactly the point because when you're choosing a Dad's Car it doesn't matter what people think. If the Mustang's sheer scale doesn't turn heads its V8 burble will. Of course, for any self-respecting Dad the Holy Grail is a Bullitt-spec replica of the one driven by the saintly Steve McQueen. But pretty much any 'Stang will do, provided it is V8-equipped." Depending on your dad, a classic or brand new Mustang might be the perfect choice, and a Chevy Camaro or Dodge Challenger could serve as alternative flavors of the same concept.

2. Corvette Stingray - Another car that is so classic it needs no introduction, the Corvette Stingray is receiving renewed attention, thanks to the return of the "Stingray" nameplate on the seventh-generation Corvette unveiled earlier this year. Whether you choose to reserve a brand new 2014 Corvette for your pop or rent a classic Stingray from the 60s or 70s, it's hard to go wrong.

3. Jensen Interceptor - This one might be a bit foreign to U.S. readers. What isn't foreign is the sheer awesomeness of a 7.2-liter Chrysler V8 engine rattling the hood hinges in this British answer to American muscle. Your dad may just happen to see the car in its starring role in Fast & Furious 6 and yearn to drive it. Here's a good article that shows what this car is all about.

4. Jaguar Mk2 - The world doesn't run on muscle cars alone. Some dads would undoubtedly prefer a grand luxury saloon from the days when driving such a car really meant something. Great Escape's choice is the Jaguar Mk2. "For anyone under the age of 30, a Mk2 is just an old car. For anyone over, they know that this was the Subaru Impreza of its day with up to 220 bhp on tap. And still one of the most beautiful saloon cars of its day. Drive it like you stole it or pootle around the country lanes—this is a car to enjoy just being in."

5. Ford Capri - Not as iconic as the Mustang but certainly more unexpected, the Capri is another European-slanted choice. "No self-respecting Dad can fail to see the appeal of the humble Capri, particularly in full fat 2.8 or 3.0 V6 form. With its pseudo-transatlantic styling, all big-bonnet, and fastback finish, the Capri is a handy reminder of life before kids and responsibility came along." What dad wouldn't appreciate that?

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